Monday, August 24, 2009

Going for Chunky!

I am really finding wire wrapping relaxing. I have been doing it while watching the kids play outside or sitting with them while they watch a movie on a rainy day. It does not take much effort or too many materials and I can do it almost anywhere. The top bracelet is made with large Camel Jasper nuggets and the Carnelian nuggets. I used bronze 20G wire and a copper toggle. It is actually quite nice to wear. Not rough like you might expect.
This one is made with Red Jasper and Grass Jasper. I used the same bronze 20G wire and copper toggle. They look really fun and fell very rich because of the weight. They are not that heavy, it is just a noticable weight and the feeling of something significant adorning ones wrist.
I hope you come again soon

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Silver Parrot said...

Very nice. I particularly like the orange and green bracelet!