Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Turquoise 5

Not a very original title, but I guess that has never been my "forte". I wanted to see how many bracelets I could make with one strand of Turquoise. I used all copper beads etc... with the turquoise. Some have more and some have less. They look quite nice separately but just for fun I had to see what they would look like all together.
Not bad eh? {that is "Canadian" BTW} lol. I love the richness of antiqued copper and mixed with turquoise it just looks that much better.
Tomorrow is back to school here in Calgary, first time ever that it is in August as far as I remember, it usually always starts the first weekday after labour day. I am not too disappointed though, the kids have been fighting too much lately so I am looking forward to the peace and quiet. I have one going into grade 4 and the other is starting Kindergarten. Two down...Two to go :)
Have a great day!!

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