Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fancy Brass Bracelet with Vintage Style Tile

This was a tough one to make. I was trying to challenge myself. See what I could do. It turned out alright. I won't be able to sell it though. I ran into a little challenge, or a hic up in my design. I could pretty much tell it was going to do this as I was building it but I was hoping if I added enough dangles and chain that it would not turn. I am speaking of the oval links. If I wear the bracelet, the oval links turn and end up vertical instead of horizontal.
I really love the look of the different layers of brass, the mix of shades and colour. I love the way it moves. Now how do I fix it??

I mixed different elements on the other side of the bracelet. Links, rings chain pearls and one of my lampwork glass beads.

I tried to echo the minty, tealy greens of the scrabble tile in the pearls. The paper seems to lose some of it's colour in the photo, it is actually a little brighter.

You can really see all the layers and elements I used here.

Now if I could only keep the bracelet the way it is supposed to look, all would be well in the world :)

Let me know if you have any ideas...



Vintajia said...

Love aged brass and I love all the texture and interest in your bracelet! Luscious!
Can't help with the problem as it is something I too struggle with. Don't ya hate it when a design out-smarts you?


Bobbi said...

Absolutely gorgeous work Marie! I love everything:) I'll be sure to visit often to see your latest creations.

Janet said...

Now this is a very beautiful piece! I just love it. Im coming over from Loreleis page! So lovely...dont sell it keep it lol!

Esther said...

beautiful.. no, no, no :fantastic!!