Monday, July 5, 2010

Fantastic New Things!!

I feel like my business it taking me somewhere great right now. I am starting to get my name out there and get some recognition and be able to share my art with the world! That is the greatest reward in all this, having other people enjoy my work and want to hold it in their hand. It makes me so happy to see other people smile after discovering something that was made just for them.

 This art is truly a labour of love for me. I crave the creating process and the result that comes through. I find such deep satisfaction in looking at a finished piece.

I want to thank everyone who has had a hand in my growth and development as an artist. Anyone who has inspired me in any way. Everyone of you who has purchased something from one of my shops and those of you who had faith in me from the beginning. You have all touched me in some way and thus have had a hand in helping me become the person and artist I am now.

I am getting a working day today and have the opportunity of catching up on a few things. I thought I would start with a blog post, lol, I should never let it go for more than two or three days, but life gets away from me and I sometimes come back and realize that time has slipped away and I can not get it back. So have faith, keep checking back and I will return :)

Lately I have had a fascination with anything and everything sea related. It mostly started recently when my friend Amanda and I decided to join our talents and names together to create "Sea & Skye". Keep checking back for more on that but you can start by checking our Facebook Page. We have a new blog and will be doing fun things there. We of course hope you will join us! So the fascination has brought about a few new things and different styled items once again. I have been adding sea shells and starfish and sand dollars in my work and I am loving the results. I feel the need to bring more blue into my work, so I am not straying too far from the favorite greens but simply adding a touch of Sea and a touch of Skye to my work. You will have to check my shop for all the Sea inspired items listed lately.

On another note, I was able to experience something unique and deeply moving this weekend. My Mother got re-married! My Mother and Father split when I was 16 and my Mother was perfectly content being alone. She was never one to NEED companionship. She loves to read and write and be involved with her church. She was happy to be close to my sister and I and the Grand-kids. So when she met Germain she was surprised and happy! I could not be happier for her. Now I don't need to worry about her as much as I did :)

I made her wedding jewelry, of course, and she looked lovely in it! These are the pieces I made for her...

A three strand bracelet with lightly yellow dyed pearls and Amethyst...
 Matching earrings... my Mom loves the pieces I make using Vintaj brass, so of course I used it for her set. If you wonder why these colours? Well, the colours of the Amethyst and yellow pearls match her dress perfectly! My Mother has always been the most practical person you would ever meet! She bought a beautiful dress and made sure that it was something she could wear again :)
 Matching necklace, about 16" long. Perfect length to go above the neck of the dress and not overwhelming so the dress would stand out!
And the complete set!! Congratulations Mom and Germain!! I truly wish you all the best!!



Pretty Things said...

I particularly love that first pair of earrings! And your photography is terrific!

Elisabeth said...

I agree - your photography is great - you should share your tips and tricks sometime!

Judy said...

Congrats to your Mom and her new husband...and a very special congrats to you on your lovely feature in the recent Bead Trends.

Dita Maulani said...

Oh i really want to beading right now. Your color combination, i love!

Esther said...

hi little bee!! all i see here is fantastic.. very vintage .. yummm i love!! said...

You expressed so eloquently I feel here, Skye.

Congrats on your mam getting married!
The jewelry you created for her is wonderful!