Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Garden and a Sale!!

 I thought I would share a few of the things that have bloomed in my garden this summer. My poppies may be long gone, but they certainly left an impression! The blooms were so large! There was nothing that stood out as much as they did in my garden. The pods are ripening and I hope to be able to plant more of these next year!
 I really enjoy gardening, but it has certainly been a trial and error thing the last few years. I am not used the the extremely Rocky soil in our garden. I have dug up enough rocks to border my entire garden with a very thick row of rocks! It does look nice though :)
Now on to the SALE!! I did post it on Facebook, but I have not had any takers yet. So head on over to my shops, but three things in either one or both shops {combined} and I will ship for free! I will refund the shipping once the payment has come through. Head on over and get a little something special for yourself :)

I will have photos of new jewelry soon, I just have to get the time to take them. I think I have about 6 new pieces that have not been photographed yet. So come back soon and check it out!!


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niveditha said...

They are soooo beautiful,just as your jewelry.