Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Few Tantalizing Treats!!

 I thought it would be fun to show you a few things that I have been up to! I have not really had anything new to post lately, between going away and taking care of the kids during summer holidays it has been hard to do the things I want to do for me! I know there are some Mothers out there who know exactly what I am talking about!! When do I get to do something for me!!

 I was lucky to be featured on the Art Bead Scene Blog with the wonderful Art of my friend Heather Powers of Humblebeads. She created some amazing pieces with some of my pendants and charms. Please go see the post, you will LOVE Heather's Jewelry!!

 I was reading some of the comments from the post and I thought I would post a few things to go along with the "favorites" that were mentioned!!

Someone mentioned Dragonflies... Others mentioned Butterflies and Birds... I also noticed Trees, Nature and do I recall Abstract??

Well here is what I picked to show you. I also have a lot of flowers and some other kinds of butterflies and birds. Special requests are always welcome!!
 Something new I have come up with is my double sided charms! These are simply an example. I have a few more but no time to list  them!! At least that's how it feels lately.

So as you can see one side has a burgundy background and the other is black. The fleurs de lys coordinate well. I normally drill them on one corner and if it flips over, you have a matching image on the other side!!

The other images I am using are a little more "country" or "rustic" or "vintage" if you will. I will hopefully have time to list some in my shop soon :)
 These next ones are a new idea!! I have about 5 of these and hope to list them soon too. They are like the regular tiles but have an added layer of Tim Holtz Crackle paint on the back and sides. I really like the way they look, I do however need to test them for durability. I did varnish the crackle but I don't know if that will keep it from coming off. After I test one, I will let you know if they are "list" worthy!! In the meantime enjoy the two examples I have up for you, the back you see is the actual back of the first tile, but they all look different of course.

I have a couple of flowers as well as the birds, those look really shabby chic! I really like them. I hope they are really durable, because I think they could be fun!!

Thanks for all your wonderful visits and continued support!!



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hey gorgeous! LOVIN' the new look to the blog, gorgeous colour! ;o)


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I love that dragonfly in particular - great design!

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Lookin' good Marie!