Monday, January 26, 2009

Black and White

Ok it's not quite white it is clear but it sounded good. I have been really into black and white this last year. I wanted to re-do our bedroom in Damask black and white but my DH said "Why??? what is wrong with what we have now? Don't waste money on re-doing something that is just fine the way it is." Or something to that effect. So I must live my black and white passion through my art. Clothing, Cards, Scrapbooking and now jewelry. I alternated black white and silver on these two different bracelets. One is quite random and the other is Silver, black and clear. These were made on memory wire with basic glass beads and bulk silver beads on the right and hand picked silver beads on the left.
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Callie Michelle said...

These are fabulous! Are you going to be selling your jewelry? Let me know... I'd love to buy!