Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love Toggle Clasps!

I thought I would show you a bracelet made with my favorite decorative hook, the toggle clasp. LOVE IT!! So easy to put on and sooo pretty. I really love all the different shapes and textures they come in. The best part of them is of course, that if it is visible it is decorative instead of backwards.
The second one does not have a toggle clasp but I added it to this post because I made these two at the same time. I think I did pretty good considering that these were the first two bracelets that I ever made!! I also sold them 5 minutes after I made them. lol. That is how it begins don't you think? How can I resist making more if they sell so quickly.

I love the colours on these two. If I was a better photographer you would see a difference I am sure.

I hope you come back again soon!!


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Cluny Grey said...

By the way, where can we see your cards?