Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My New Passion!!

I guess I should start by telling you how long I have been doing this. It all started at Christmas time {yes this last Christmas} I was working at Pier 1 and I was hanging up jewelry that we had gotten in for the holidays. I was fascinated by what I saw and just started craving {worst than chocolate when I was pregnant} you heard me, Craving!!! the creative assembly of wire and glass beads. I could see pictures in my head of all the wonderful things I could make and hopefully sell. So here we are now less than a month later...
For my first post I guess I will show you a couple of my memory wire bracelets. I first had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to cap off the bracelets. I tried a couple of things and after a little practice I was able to make some decent loops at the end and everything is staying put.
I am amazed by the array of beautiful beads you can get out there and I can not wait to have the skill to start working with silver and gold. I just figured it was better to practice on the cheap stuff first. lol.

I will be able to come back and post once in awhile until I get my computer fixed but in the meantime I will keep creating so that I have more to show you.

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