Saturday, January 24, 2009

So I am looking at this bracelet now and I think that maybe it would have looked good with an antique brass toggle instead of silver. I of course don't have anything other than silver right now so it will just have to do.

I really love the mix of brown, amber and gold. It is so rich and warm. I added this leaf charm on it for a little "extra" and I really love how much it adds to the bracelet.

I used all glass beads, large seed beads and a mix of different shapes for the main beads. They are all strung on metal wire and attached to the toggle with crimping beads.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis, REALLY love this one. And you're right the leaf adds just the right extra touch to it. It's beautiful. Been looking at the new jewelery you've created and it's really awesome :) You're so talented.