Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jade and Cherry Quartz

My favorite colour has been green for the longest time. It is rich, natural and goes well with my eyes. lol. I promise it is not a vanity thing. I discovered rose quartz the first week I started making jewelry. I loved the deep peachy tones and the chips are great to work with. I love the different sizes and how they sit next to each other. I decided to mix them with the jade chips a few silver spacers and a a couple of clear glass beads for variety.
This is another memory wire bracelet. I made a ton of these when I first started because they were easy to do. I learned a lot from making these. The way I like to place the beads and the colours I like to mix together. I also learned how to make the loops at the end to keep the beads from falling off. That took a little practice but I think I have it now.
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