Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leaffy Bracelets and More Publication news!!

I honestly was not expecting to get the e-mail today, but I was overjoyed when I got the news that Bead Trends Magazine has picked two more of my pieces for their February issue!! I am overwhelmed and truly humble that I am lucky enough to be published by this amazing magazine 5 months in a row. I am not bragging, so please don't think that of me, I am just so happy I wanted to share my news with you.
I have been away for the last few days so I was unable to post. I made these bracelets just before the end of summer holidays. {what a relief to have two of them in school} The top one is made with light green agate nuggets, wire wrapped and finished with this fun leaf toggle clasp. {nuggets are from Fire Mountain Gems}
This one is made the same way but with Russian Amazonite and finished with the same leaf toggle. Has anyone noticed I tend to use a lot of green? I am realizing lately that it pops up everywhere. Not a big deal really, you sell what you love and I love green. I wish I could remember where I got the Amazonite, it might have been at my local bead store. Anyways, I really love how dark it is compared to the regular Amazonite. I have been thinking of trying out the milky pale Amazonite with some black agate nuggets, just to see how it would turn out...
To be continued???


Silver Parrot said...

Congrats on the publication news! I had two designs accepted for the same issue so we'll be sharing the pages together again! Love the bracelets, too!

Erin said...

The bracelet are great! You know I love the leaves! Congrats on the publications!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Lovely bracelets...I do love amazonite.

Congratulations on have your pieces chosen!!!


Tiffany said...

very cool to be published! your stuff is super pretty. How did you go about submitting stuff for publication? I've got TONS of things I've made that I'd like to submit.