Monday, February 15, 2010

Finding My Groove!!

It has been a fun week of work and experimentation! I have been discovering a new style that has been hiding in me and I really, really like it!! I hope it may perhaps be the thing to bump my sales in my Etsy shop!!
Introducing the new and improved Marie!!
I think in fact I have been slowly bringing this style about, but it has just really shown up this week and has overtaken any previous style I might have had. I will still be making some of my other stuff, but I really freel like I am bringing "me" out in these new pieces!!

I have always like wire wrapping. Ever since I first started I knew there was something special about it. Discovering Vintaj helped bring my love of deep rich colours out, and different designers that have inspired me have brought about different elements to pop out in my work. {thanks Lorelei and Erin}

I even used some red!! I feel like I am more capable of using bright rich colours that before. I still need the richness of copper and brass, but some silver will always have to creep in ;)

I saved some pics for when I get back from my trip. I am visiting a friend about 2-3 hours away and we are doing a jewelry party at her house!! I will close down my jewelry shop for the two days that I am gone, but my supply shop will remain open in hope that these designs will inspire you to try some of my new tiles in your jewelry designs.



SueBeads said...

Have a great time! I do enjoy your "new" you!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

These pieces are lovely! I especially like the first bracelet. I love to work with wire too. I love how it can be manipulated! Hope the jewelry party is successful!

Anonymous said...

I like them all, I'm getting into the rustic look too! Well tryin' :)

SummersStudio said...

Lovely, Marie. It's nice to see you use your components in your design.

Marie Cramp said...

Hard not to use them in my own designs, I can't stop smiling when I look at them :) I just hope it has the same effect on other people!

Thanks for all the compliments everyone, they really mean a lot to me.


Narrative jewelry said...

Your new creations are gorgeous Mary, love the rustic look you gave them. So welcome to the new Marie !

Silver Parrot said...

I can definitely see Lorelei's influence on your style!

Barbara Lewis said...

All of these pieces are so lovely. I especially love the woven bead in the first piece. Beautiful work, Marie!