Monday, February 22, 2010

"Watch" Out Here I Come!!

I had to make more watches to replace the ones I sold at the Party on Saturday, so I took out some of my new copper and brass watch fronts and made these. I love the Antique Brass with the teal colours. Its warm and fun and elegant.
This closeup shows the richness of the colours together.
This one I made with copper and mother of pearl flower charms. It's meant to be fun and playful!! I love the movement of the watch when it sits on my wrist.
This is one of my favorite watch fronts. I love how simple and fun it is. It has a nice matt finish and a bit of an artsy look with the wavy line on the contour.
For this one I was considering leaving it with just the brass, I do like the colour by itself, but I decided to add a punch of Coral to it. It looks orange in this picture, but it really has a very "coral" colour.
Fun leaf and heasrt charms give it a nice sound when it moves, and lets face it one of the attractions of a charm bracelet is the soft tinkle of the pieces touching each other.

Thanks for stopping in, I hope to be busy this week creating more pieces to inspire you :)



SueBeads said...

Very cute, Marie! I especially like the teal one, too!

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

The watches look great! I especially like the watch with the mother of pearl flower charms. Awesome work.

Silver Parrot said...

Love the brass and teal together - one of my favorite color combos! Also, those MOP flower charms are awesome! Why don't I have any of those in my stash? Hmmm???!

em.cecile said...

I love the watches! They are so beautiful! I love the first and third the most! Such talent =]

Emma =]

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

Hey Marie, when you have a chance hop on over to my blog. I left you a small present.