Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New bracelets!! with SueBeads

I am please to announce {drumroll please!} two new bracelets!! TA DA!!! After I posted yesterday and realized I had not actually made anything new in over a week, I started thinking how rediculous that was!! So I put my kids in front of the TV {I know, I am soooo deserving of a mother of the year award } went to my workshop and sat down on the floor {does any one else do that??} and made some wire wrapped bracelets. My work bench is a little cluttered right now, ok that's not quite true, I have not seen it in at least a month. I think I may put up lost posters in the neighborhood soon.  So to compensate for the loss of my work bench {sniff!} I have been gathering my goodies on the floor around me and working that way.

This is a mix of copper, bronze and brown coated wire, bead caps and link. I used my ever favorite lampwork beads from Susan Kennedy, thanks for always making me more beads :)
I honestly can never remember any of the beads names but these ones reminede me of a deep forest with dark greens and shade in the trees. I hand shaped the hook, and textured it with a hammer. I used 12 gauge wire for this one.

For this bracelet, I used Argentium silver. I also made this hook using 16gauge wire and wrapped it with 28 gauge wire and hammered it down for extra texture. I am quite fond of how this one turned out. And guess who's beads I used??? lol. You got it, Thanks again Sue for all your hard work on all those special order beads you made for me. Obviously I LOVE them :)

These are both available in my Etsy shop, Skyejewels
I hope you check it out!! Please check out Sue's shop too, you won't be dissapointed!!

Thanks so much for visiting, come back often!!



SueBeads said...

Those are gorgeous! Great job Marie! Check my blog in a bit!

Davinia said...

Gorgeous bracelets, love the "forest" one and your photos are fantastic.

pam ferrari said...

I love the blue with the silver. Sue's beads look great with the silver charms and wire work. Great Job!

Silver Parrot said...

Love that turquoise and silver bracelet - your wire work looks awesome! And Sue does make fantastic beads, doesn't she? I just got a package from her in the mail yesterday - woo hoo!

(okay - the word verification here is "sycho" - should I be worried? LOL)

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Marie, both of the bracelet look gorgeous! I especially like the blue one. I hate to admit it but I've used the tv as a babysitter too. Oh well, I guess it's better than them playing in the street...right?

EB Bead and Metal Works said...

I love the turquoise bracelet! I love what you did for the clasp. Awesome!

Mel Mel said...

Oh I love to sit on the floor and bead!! My coffe table is my studio and my husband has long ago accepted that it's no longer just the coffee table. Your work is lovely & Sue Beads are awesome.