Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Wood Tile Jewelry!!

I am experimenting with my tiles to see what else I can come up with and how else you can use these to make original pieces of jewelry and accesories. One of my favorite things to make is still charms bracelets. Hard not to like 'em when they sell so well!! I am using a lot of my Vintaj findings with these tiles, I find that the colouring of the brass is perfect with the rustic style of my tiles.
My favorite toggle end. I have not used them yet because I don't want to run out!! lol I know, it's silly. I used glass flowers in an off white colour which matches perfectly with the shell hearts. I also used another colour of glass flower that has some of the colouring of the brass. The little Leaf charms from Olay finished off the bracelet nicely.

This is one of my favorite sayings! I thought it would be perfect as a link, so I drilled it that way.  I think it was perfect for this kind of bracelet.

This is a toggle end that I did not have the courage to use until now. I was not sure what I weould stick into it. I broke up some of my larger seed beads and it turned out great! I might actually have to get more of these :)

That's all for today, hope you come back again soon!


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sundownbeaddesigns said...

Marie, what a great bracelet! I agree the brass looks fab with your tiles!