Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Chinook Jewelry Pendant!!

I was busy yesterday!! Here is another one of the necklaces I made with my new Chinook Jewelry pendants. I loved how this one had two very different colour tones to it.  A very distinct pink/purple in the deep creases and a lighter pink with yellow undertones on some of the raised pieces. This is what inspired me to use the three shades of pearls I chose. I chose one that had a bit more of the purple to it and another that was more pink, those are on one side of the necklace. On the other side I went with a slightly more champagne tone. I mixed all this with pewter spacers, beads and daisies.

I really love the toggle I picked for this necklace, it has so much texture and really catches the eye.

Here you get a closeup look at the texture in the pewter beads.

Here you see the champagne of the top strand versus the pink and purple/pink pearls I used in the lower strand. I threaded the beads in a completely random pattern, I wanted both sides to be distinctly different but complement each other as well.
{I can not believe that with my photography skills that I was able to capture the differences in colour!!}

I brought it with me to the Chiropractors yesterday and Sue at reception said it was her favorite!! I guess it's a hit!!  I think I have another one in that colour. Leaves me to try something else with those colours.

So there you have it!!


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Just lovely, I posted a link to your blog on Tweeter. I hope you don't mind.