Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shows, shows and more shows

This was my first show back in October. It is a work in progress and I find it very difficult to fit everything I have made onto even three tables!! What am I going to do when I get to a one table show!!

I am refining the displays and taking out some stuff and adding different stuff. I have a lot of busts and I find them best for displaying my necklaces properly, but they take up a lot of room. I have sold a lot of these pieces but am adding new ones all the time. Another thing I am doing is putting my earrings on cards. Some of them are already on cards but by looking at this picture I find it too messy. I am now keeping different types of earrings on their own colours of cards and keeping each colour together.

I do love my bird racks. One of those is the same as what Lorelei has, but I have a few more. I was working at Pier1 when I bought all these. I got a great deal or I would not have so many. I have now invested in some nice chocolate brown table cloths. It looked fine at the time, but pictures tell a thousand words don't they? It looks messy and unprofessional. So since I want to be taken seriously as an artist and a designer, I upgraded. I will be able to take a few new pictures of the show coming up Saturday.

I know I will have to be choosy when it comes to the show this weekend, I have one table, and somehow I will have to fit some racks, display boxes, busts and my mirror. I will be cutting out the handmade cards, even though they are a pretty hot seller, I will have to cut out my bargain basket, and the wire displays. I am hoping to be able to rig up a way to hold up this scroll wire work wall art that would be perfect for holding up almost all my necklaces.

Well wish me luck, and come back next week for the pictures of the Saturday show!



SummersStudio said...

Good luck Marie! Let us know how it comes out.

Azure Islands Designs said...

It is difficult to cut back to one table when you are accustomed to more, I do understand. I also find the busts display my pieces best but they do take up a great deal of room!!!

Best of luck at your show...


Fanciful Expressions said...

Good luck at your show. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your displays. I've been showing for 2 years now and my displays are always a work in progress.

niveditha said...

I know its a tough job to be choosy to come down to one table,especially seeing your work here.
Anyway, wish you luck for the upcoming one,will wait for the weekend snaps :)