Monday, November 23, 2009

Working with Sterling!!

I have mentioned a few times that I am just starting to work with sterling. I must say it feels exhilarating!! There is just something about touching something a little more valuable and knowing that I can not mess it up. Knowing I have to be more careful, less wasteful and more patient. Taking just a little more time with the detail work and finishing up the "extras" to perfection.

That is how I feel about this necklace. I very carefully wire wrapped the focal piece, not wasting even a tiny fragment of wire. I attached the chain with two jump-rings to make it more durable.

On the back I took the time to wire wrap beads directly to the clasp and chain so they would not pull apart. This is by far the most "perfect" piece I have ever made. Not that it is perfect, it it just my personal best. I love this little sterling S hook. I found a few Etsy sellers that carry these in different style. I ordered a few and find them to be inspiringly {new word ;)} simple.
The stones are Sea Sediment Jasper from Alicediy on Etsy.
The Sterling is from 3 different suppliers, can't remember which exactly for each piece.

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pam ferrari said...

VERY NICE! I love sterling silver!

Anonymous said...

lovely necklace, love that jasper!

Silver Parrot said...

Great job with the silver - isn't it nice to work with great materials?

I've seen those stones also called Aqua Terra Jasper or Aqua Impression Jasper

rolex said...

Very beautiful!... lovely necklace... it is a good work with silver..