Monday, November 2, 2009

Tutorial Exchange with Shaterra Clay Studio!!

This is a tutorial exchange with Shaterra Hosted by Totally Tutorials.

This lovely Leaf Pendant was made by Sharleen at Shaterra Clay Studio. I chose this pendant because of the lovely mix of greens with hints of brown. I could envision it with textured ribbon and yarn in similar shades and with Leaf charm dangles. So here is what I did...

I chose these two strands, one thin sheer brown organza ribbon and some green fibers I has in my Scrapbooking stash.{never throw out anything, you never know when you might use it ;)}.

I chose these clamps for the fibers because they were the right width and matched the bail on the pendant.

I joined the two fibers and folded them together at the ends, with the ribbon on the outside.

I placed the clamp over the folded ribbon and used my chain nose pliers to crimp the clamp.

I tested it for strength and the repeated the process at the other end, first winding the ribbon together.

Closeup of the two fibers.

I added jump rings to the loops on the clamps.

I then added the chosen clasp. I chose this particular one because the leaf reminded me of a grapevine leaf.

The completed clasp

I then added a fancy SP jumpring to the bail. I wanted to bring it down a little from the fibers since I was going to be adding some dangles.

You can see here that I added two more fancy jumprings to the first one and I hung these onto the fibers.

This is the start of the dangles. I used eyepins and glass bicone beads with a nice shimmer.

I made a loop with my round nose pliers

and wire wrapped it. I repeated this process 5 times making two of them double dangles.

I then attached the leaf dangles with jumprings.

These are the finished dangles. As you can see, I used three different leaves. One large, two small sp ones and two antiqued silver ones.

I hung the large leaf dangle onto a jumpring, on one side I placed the double dangle with the antiqued silver leaf, on the other side I hung a single dangle with a sp leaf.
I then attached the large jumpring directly to the double fancy jumprings. I added the last two dangles directly onto the fibers one on each side alternating the sp leaf and the antiqued silver leaf.

Here is the finished pendant hung onto the fibers.

The finished Necklace

You will be able to find this tutorial on "Totally Tutorials" soon, as well as many other wonderful tutorials. Please visit Sharlene on her blog "Shaterra Clay Studio" and her Etsy shop as well, to find more wonderful pendants and other supplies.


SueBeads said...

Nice job, Marie - I love the dangles. Nice pendant too!

Silver Parrot said...

I LOVE that leaf pendant. It's gorgeous. I like what you did with the ribbon and fiber, too. I'm always afraid of using a fuzzy fiber like that because all I can think of is how ticklish it might be. How is it to wear? It looks beautiful!

Dotty said...

Great job! It's beautiful!

Shaterra Clay said...

Hi Marie, thanks for the great job with the necklace. All but one person in the exchange so far has used fiber with my pendants. There's something about ceramic that just lends itself to fiber.
I really like the leaf dangles.

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

I love the overall feel of this necklace! Lovely!

Cluny Grey said...

I love this pendant and the way that you've attached the dangles! And your website is looking
Hugs, Cluny

VISART - DaLi Designs said...

Beautiful necklace, thank you!

Carey said...

Gorgeous - you have inspired to do some designing/creating tonight. thank you.

Aalina Eden said...

great job you are really nice designer of the pendants

Vintage Pendants

HJC Editor said...

Hi Marie!

Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.

HJC Jane