Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eye Candy...a very successful necklace!!!

Looking for natural light in my house should not be a challenge since there are windows everywhere!!! But what can I say, I still manage to make life difficult on myself. lol
Here we have a stunning, fabulous, gorgeous pendant from none other that Mellisa at Chinook Jewelry.
I ordered a couple of pendants when she had her sale and I am not sorry  did. They are exquisite!!

Here is a closeup!! I love the green/brown colour mix. I love the pattern, I love it all!

I used Rhyolite, which has a natural green/brown to it. I used different shapes and sizes as well as making both sides different and adding green pearls on the other side. I used copper just for the findings and kept it mostly green. I imagine it will sell this weekend. I will be sorry to see it go.

The clasp is from OLAY on Etsy, they have some fun stuff.

Thanks for coming by, come again soon for some more fun stuff!!!


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Azure Islands Designs said...

Lovely necklace...

I do have to say the lighting is better in your photos...don't get took me three years to find just the right laundry room. :0)

I tried every other window upstairs and down and was never really happy and for some reason a few weeks ago when I was in the laundry room it hit me and I have to say while my photos are far from perfect the are so much better than they use to be!!!