Sunday, November 1, 2009

Something about Pink and Red...

I had no idea what I would be getting myself into when I started making these watches. What started as an experiment has now become an obsession. Not mine though, I have orders coming from everywhere!! Everyone that bought one has a friend that wants one!!{or almost} The funny thing is, my favorites are the greens and the ones that I can not hold onto are the red ones and the pink ones. As soon as I make one, they are gone.

I love how this one turned out with the coral and mix of glass beads.

This one is in the softer pinks, with the pearls and Rhodonite.

Another view of this one. I mixed heart and key charms.

Bright pinks and more hearts. This was the first one to go along with this next one in red.

I had to make a special order from my supplier and I hope to be getting what I need this week or early next. I have a lot of chain, but I am almost out of watch faces and I am very low on silver charms. I just stocked up on red and pink beads, so I hope to have enough. I will use other colours as well, but considering how well the pink and red are doing I may have to make the majority in those colours.

This was one of my faves with the green and the natural feel. I have the hook at the end instead of the middle on this one, which was my most original ideas and one of the only ways I was able to use this chain. One of my hostesses ended up with this one and I feel it went to the right person, I know she will cherish it and wear it well. I have a few new ones I need to take pictures of, I may be posting them later this week as well as two tutorials I am working on.

Stay Tuned!!!



Davinia said...

Your watches are just beautiful. I particularly like the last one. I'm a green girl and just can't seem to stay away from it. Look forward to the tutorials too.

Silver Parrot said...

I like all of them! Great job!