Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mixed Metals and finding time!!

I am always amazed at how fast the week goes by and how little time I have managed to find to do the projects I have envisioned. I have seen so many lovely projects on all the blogs and in the magazines that involve mixed metal. Two artists pop into my mind instantly, Lorelei Eurto and Erin Prais-Hintz. So many of their projects have inspired me to try new things and to go outside my comfort zone. This is the result of such inspiration. I made three pairs of earrings, 1 using antiqued brass and shiny brass and the other two using copper and brass. One of the three pairs will not be on this post but you can look for it in the April issue of Bead Trends magazine.

Once again my lack of photography skills shine through. lol.
Anyways, moving on. For both pairs of earrings I made my own ear wires and spiral links. I added some fun dangles made with crystals on the first as well as these sweet little fan charms. The second pair I made to co-ordinate but not to match. One holds the keys and the other holds the lock. I wish the picture was clear enough that you could see that I did with the earwires.

Here, I found one that is a little clearer. I made the earwires with a bit of a wiggle {for lack of a better word}. I added copper daisy spacers and gold crimp beads in between, one to add contrast and two to keep the spacers in place. The to "s" swirl links are different sizes so that the earrings are about the same length and the charms are added at the bottom on jumprings. The one with the lock also has a couple more spacers and crimp beads to keep the dangle from coming loose and to add balance to the whole thing.

I also made this very basic simple necklace. I had this pendant from Michael's for the longest time, and I could not get inspiration from it. I just all of a sudden thought that it just needed a simple but large chain. Something that would stand out and add continuity to the pendant. This brushed gold chain was just perfect with it's large circles and thin links. I also added a little Vintaj bird charm to complete the necklace, because after all, anyone can hang a pendant on a chain, its the finishing touches that count.

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Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Lovely creations! I love the lock and key concept.

Cindy said...

I really like your new pieces!! You're mixing it up with the wire and metals...and I can't wait to see your piece in the April issue of Bead Trends! :-)

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great is fun sometimes to step outside our comfort zone!!!