Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bling Bling for your Bow Wow!!!

I have been thinking about this since a member of my family mentioned that Doggy bling is THE thing right now. These a Chihuahua sized Bling collars. Decorative only, not to be used as a restraint. They are made with Magic Stretch Elastic cord. I just used beads that I happened to have on hand, these are mostly prototypes so I did not want to go right into the good stuff. Now I am just looking for a Chihuahua to try it on. lol.
I am just hoping that I can get some feedback from you guys as to what I should try next, give me some ideas or just leave me a comment. Would you buy one of these types of bling collars for your cute little pooch? What would you do differently?  The last one is my favorite. The colour mix and the sparkle of the beads. The first three were mostly to test out the theory. I do want to go more bold too. I just need a "model". Luckily my neighbour has a great dog training business, she is looking for just such a pup.
Come again soon!!
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