Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Gift For Mom

I totally fell in love with this particular bookmark hook. It is so simple and elegant and maybe even timeless. My mom really likes these colours and after making this bookmark with my favorite lampwork bead {one of the ones I made} I was really having trouble parting with it. My mom came to visit this weekend and wanted to look at my new goodies and she spotted that bookmark right away. How could I resist giving it to her? If I don't sell it to someone, and I give it to my mom, I am sure to get to see it again. Plus my mo reads more than anyone I know on this entire planet, so she absolutely needed one of my bookmarks, don't you think?

For those of you who are twilight fans...

I know that my photography is once again lacking, but you get the idea. I made this bead with clear glass and added a little fritt that the girl at Bavin Glassworks was making. A mix of Persimmon and some kind of Orange. She said she thought it would look good together, and she was right :)

All I think about these days is when I can go to the studio in town and make more beads. I really enjoyed it. I can not afford to set up my own thing anytime soon, so I would be happy to go for a few hours here and there.

Hope you come back soon...


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SharonP said...

Your bead is beautiful, love the bookmark you made with it. Have fun making your beads!