Monday, September 14, 2009

The Crown Jewels {or I like to think they could be}

If only my photography could do this stunning necklace and earrings justice. Alas, my skills once again diminish the beauty of my pieces. I am going to show you many examples of this set, I just hope you get most of the effect I tried to create with my masterpiece.
These are the earrings. They are all made with Genuine Swarovski Crystals that were sent to me by ArtBeads. I am part of the group of beaders that blog, and we got to pick a certain amount swarovski crystals to create something with. I chose this gorgeous colour of Copper Crystals with an idea to create something with a vintage feel. I could just picture these amazing crystals with some Vintaj findings.
This is part of the necklace, the main part at least. You can truly see the large 16mm Cosmic Swarovski Crystals surrounded by rich antiqued brass bead caps and spacer beads.
I also used some of the much smaller crystal roundelles 6mm I believe, this particular shade is Light Colorado Topaz. There are so many wonderful colours, shapes and sizes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. You could create something like this with light blue crystals and sterling silver for a very different look. You could use gold and green or red crystals for a very regal look. 
This is a slightly different view of the necklace, laying on black velvet.
Last but not least here is a picture of the pieces worn by me. I truly believe these are the most elegant pieces I have ever created. Someday perhaps someone will purchase these and wear them out to the delight of onlookers. So there you have it, my crown jewels.
You can find similar items to the Vintaj findings I used at Art Beads. I found some copper bead caps that are almost identical to the brass ones I used. You could use a different pendant like this oak leaf I found that would be stunning in this type of necklace. You could also use sterling silver for a softer, lighter set. These bead caps are again almost identical to the ones I used and for a pendant you can certainly take your pick in this section here. There are all sorts of leaves and hearts and even a sand dollar.
I hope you try it out and come out with something stunning!!


Silver Parrot said...

Very pretty. I really like the pendant you put with the crystals!

Davinia said...

Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by and your kind words. Love your 'crown jewels' the focal pendant is beautiful and the autumn tones are lovely. We're headed into spring down here, so it's all the lights and brights for us for the next 6 months.