Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picasso as my Muse

I have recently discovered Picasso Jasper. I can not tell you how astoundingly stunning these stones are in your hands. I first saw them on Etsy and got them right away, and ever since then I just look at them with awe and inspiration. I am on a buying lockdown right now from my husband so I am carefully hoarding these. If I could just sneak in a few more into my Etsy cart...

This first necklace was made with a combination of wire wrapping and linking. I used all Vintaj brass findings to assemble it as well as wrap the pendant. The colour of the brass is stunning with the multi-coloured Picasso Jasper. They have to be one of my favorite combinations.

Same with this bracelet, all Vintaj wire and hook. I just wire wrapped this one and did not use any jump rings to link it because I wanted to get the most stones possible into the bracelet.

This is the most stunning of all the pendants I purchased. The colours are stunning and warm and vibrant. I did a random pattern of wire wrapped stones with chain links. I also used some rectangular and some square beads to add to the pattern.

I hope you love these pieces as much as I do. They are truly some of my favorites.

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Jo-Ann said...

I love the colours in the bracelet.

SueBeads said...

Pretty Marie!