Sunday, October 25, 2009

Aquamarine Dreams

This shield pendant is one by SummersStudio. Some of you may recognize her unique and fun style.
I am constantly getting stuff from her Etsy shop, because her pieces are highly addictive. lol.
I know I am not the only one out there who thinks so.

He is a close up of the pendant with all it's bits and pieces attached.
I used Vintaj Brass and real aquamarines. I also used some small green glass seed beads.
Of course I was almost sad to see this one go yesterday, I did not get to hold onto it for very long.
That is a good thing and a bad thing. Good part is that someone loved it as much as I do, bad part is, I am going to miss this one. I was still debating on making that one a keeper.
But hey! you can't keep them all right??

A slight close up of the dangle. Picture looks too yellow, but at least  this one is not too blurry ;)



SummersStudio said...

Oh, it's lovely, Marie. Nice soothing soft colours.

SueBeads said...


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wonderful! I knew that had to be a Summers Studio pendant. Love those colors!

Silver Parrot said...

Very pretty! I love LeAnn's beads!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Lovely necklace..I love the color combo and Vintaj products but I don't use them much as I find my customers don't seem to care for brass or copper for that matter?