Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sterling Silver Earrings...

Ok, Let's not enlarge the blurry picture too much. Kelly Morgan and I seem to have the same problem, lack of photography skills. Lucky for her she is not as bad as I am. lol
I have recently started investing in the basics in Sterling Silver. We are talking ear wires, pearl head pins, eye pins, a few different gauges of SS wire and soon to come {I hope} three sizes of jump rings. I want the quality of my jewelry to improve and go from basic metal to high quality silver and gold or even platinum.
So these are my first two pairs of earrings with the new sterling I just purchased.

I made these with Genuine emeralds {chips} I just wire wrapped them directly onto the ear wires. Very simple but elegant. {I hate indoor photography}

These are made with Aquamarines, SS ear wires, pearl head pins, Bali style SS beads from my LBS and eye pins. I love aquamarines and silver. I would like to make a few more of these before my show Friday night but I am not sure I will have enough time.

Another lovely picture...
I have really great props, I need a better camera and some classes. Maybe if my pictures were better I could get some sales in my Etsy shop. lol

Next on my list is some Sterling accent beads. If any of you are willing to share your sources for great pricing, I would be eternally grateful.



Silver Parrot said...

Hey - I resemble that remark LOL!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Lovely earrings...photography is a tough thing to figure out! It took me three years to realize the best spot for me to take photos was in my laundry room...:0)

It is as big step to go from silver plated to sterling silver at least it was for me when I did it a couple of years ago...good for you!!!