Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Website Sales!!

After I was done blogging last night I went to quickly check my e-mail one last time and to my surprise I found I had a paypal payment. I have had my official website for a few months now and after all the work and all the web submissions and all the business cards that I have handed out, Finally!!! A really nice lady named Lisa bought two bracelets!! I was so happy I went and wrapped them up and put a little thank you note in the bag. I drove my kids to school and went right to her house to drop them off. I was really pleased that she just happened to be a neighbour. It turns out I had given my card to her son at the grocery store when he was helping me take my bags out to my car.

So after I get home, I went to check my e-mail again and another surprise! A co-worker of hers had also ordered a bracelet. I was thrilled! So I went and packed her little treasure up with a thank you note.  I went back to Lisa's and dropped it off so she could take it to her co-worker. {Thanks girls}

I feel really lucky right now. I knew it would take time to get myself out there, but it is finally starting to produce results! I Have always wanted to work for myself, I don't seem to do too well in the outside work environment. Some artistic minds wither when involved in something other than their craft, I must just be one of them. I am trying to prove to my husband that this is going to be lucrative enough that I don't need to go out and get a part-time job. Let's hope it works.