Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ocean Jasper

This is what you get when you have no natural light for days. Dark pictures with a strange "shine" on your beads because you have to use your flash. What can I say, at least I never claimed to be good at this photography thing.

I have had pretty much no sleep. I have been up most of the night because of my little Noah. We have this weird sore throat light fever thing going on and he is the next one to get it. I had him on the sofa all night and I was on the other one, and I have Never! Ever! heard anyone carry on so much for so long. He moaned alllll night. He would not let me do anything for him either!!We took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he said "no Tylenol". What??? Are you kidding me? I was not giving it to him for the fever, I was giving it to him for the pain!! How frustrating. That was the same as hearing "Don't Comfort your Child!!!" So I listened to the doctor and I had a long night with virtually no sleep. That is my life.

This picture is a little better!! I wire wrapped this three piece set with Bronze wire and Ocean Jasper stones. I added copper/bronze toggles and jump rings{earrings}. I could have used silver, but I wanted to go against the grain. It looks really nice on. Something you could wear on an evening out or with a pair of jeans. I am happy with the way it turned out, I enjoyed making it. I am pretty sure I made this set sitting watching a movie with my kids. My three favorite things!! My family, a movie and my art. Life could not be better :)

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you all stay healthy



Laura Grayson said...

Those are really nice jewelry! You must be really talented to have created them. I would love to know how I can acquire them.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Very nice...hope every one is feeling better soon...

Darn gray days of fall...I know what you mean I have the same issue with photos...but...I've have a window that faces east and it seems to work fairly well for taking photos.