Thursday, October 22, 2009

Colours of the Sea

From the first time I saw this stone I was mesmerized. The colours and the marbling were a combination I could not resist. I purchased a few different strands in a couple of different shades and tried out this long wire wrapped necklace.

There are a few different names for this stone, but I figured the easiest to remember was "Sea Sediment Jasper". I use quite a few different kinds of Jaspers, I love the variety you can find. I think this is most likely my favorite. I even found an orange version of this one on Etsy, so keep popping in to see what I end up making with them.

I wire wrapped with Vintaj 24 gauge wire, alternating different sizes, shapes and colours. It is one of my favorite necklaces and I have had wonderful comments on it when I have worn it.

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Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Love the calming colors and the uniqueness of each stone. Bravo!

Davinia said...

Gorgeous necklace Marie,the stones are beautiful. Just starting to teach myself wire wrapping without much success. I guess it's practice, practice, practice.