Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yummy Watches!!

Cool, that's new, I can set my pictures on Extra Large now too!! This is most likely one of my better pictures, it is not blurry or too bright or too dark :)

So the lovely ladies who bought the bracelets on my website a few days ago, just purchased a watch each! This makes me really happy {Big Grin} I feel like a kid, lol
I was wondering how my watches would sell. It seems that I need to make more.

That's more like it, a little blurriness ;)

This is the other watch that sold. She saw it and could not stop thinking about it all day and night, so I guess she decided she had to have it. I really hope she enjoys it.

Here it is again. I used heart harms, pink fresh water pearls, rose quartz and pink crazy lace jasper.
The top watch was made using the same charms, rings strung with beads and coral nuggets.

Thanks for stopping in



Azure Islands Designs said...

Love the watches...I've never made watches before but I've had a few requests for them recently.


Silver Parrot said...

The watches are really cute!