Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stones with Character!

These red spot stones from Fire Mountain Gems never cease to amaze me. I thought when I first saw them that they looked interesting and different. I figured, Ok, get a couple of strands in different shapes and see what happens. I have loved everything that I have made with them. They just seem to work so well with Copper, which is one of my favorite metals to work with that I can not stop myself from putting the two together.

You can see here that I used 4 different sizes and shapes. They make a very elegant necklace that sites well on the skin because of the flatness of the stones.

I found this lovely clasp on Etsy {Olay} and thought it was the perfect finishing touch to this piece.

I have a multitude of things I am working on, including stuff for Publication, more pieces for my show this Saturday and more things to replenish my website and Etsy shop.

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Silver Parrot said...

Very pretty necklace - the stones look like Mexican Crazy Lace Agate to me.

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Very nice! I like the red and pink tones with the copper.