Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hand Made Ear Wires and Pins

So I made the Long pins by hand and the ear wires and added on these fun Dragon's Vein Agate Beads.

They are free form and hammered.I also made these the same way but with the ear wire loops curling inwards instead of outwards. I like the effect, it certainly seems more original. I find hammering very soothing. I am sure those of you who have tried it agree that you can certainly take out some frustrations with a little hammering.

Short post again, Hubby said I could get away and go to the movies if I wanted. I think it is time for a couple of chick flicks!!

Have a good night



Cindy said...

Very pretty earrings!! And I hope you enjoyed the movies! :-)

Silver Parrot said...

Love the earrings - you're putting your new wire to good use. And I really like those dragon's vein agate stones!