Thursday, December 31, 2009

Still Waiting...

I have an interesting 3pc set in this copy of Bead Trends, I made it with Peach Turquoise and black Agate. I really like to see my pieces in print, it is a good feeling. I am looking forward to getting my copy of the January issue. I guess in Canada we wait longer for our copies...I know most of you have most likely gotten your copies already, so it is frustrating for me to wait knowing you all get to see my pieces before I do. The anticipation is killing me!! lol.

I am working on something wonderful and amazing right now. I am not sure I can say what it is so I will just not say anything. I am also working on my submissions for July. I am thinking rubies... ;)

I have a nasty head cold right now, so blogging has not been on my list of priorities. I did however want to make sure to send out the old year and bring in the new. I will have my one year blogaversary {??} soon, so stay tuned and we will see what I can come up with for that :-)

Happy New Year Everyone!!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!! {and the winner is...}

Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and I wanted to announce the winner...

Linda K.

I hope you will contact me soon to let me know your email address. Just email me at
ArtBeads will send you your $25 gift Certificate directly.

Merry Christmas again!!!

See you in the new year!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3000 Unique Visitors!! And a special gift for you

So here we's almost Christmas and I have reached 3000 unique visitors. If you have visited me once it counts as one, and if you have visited me multiple times it still shows up as one. I am really excited about this Christmas, {even though I already got my gift} because I was able to share with a friend and make her Christmas better. I also got my kids to make up Christmas shoe boxes for children in a completely different country. It was a nice feeling. Now I want to share a little something with you. Some of us who are involved with Art Beads were given the opportunity to share a special Christmas gift with all of you. We all want to give something to someone and make them smile. Well today it's my turn!!

You have a chance to win this $25 gift card from Art Beads just in time for Christmas!!
There is a small, tiny little catch, sort of. I want you to leave me a comment, I will give you a second chance to win if you post this on your blog, I will give you another chance to win if you follow me, I will give you another chance to win if you follow my tweets AND last but not least I will give you TWO chances to win if you become a fan of my Facebook page!! That is SIX chances to win!! Of course you can choose to just leave a comment and be entered once, but why not be entered SIX times!!! You do need to let me know what you did to enter, since I may not be able to track everything myself.

I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas this year and a Very Happy New Year in 2010!!!

You can also go onto the Art Beads Facebook Page HERE for another chance to win a completely different prize. A $100 gift card!! What a great prize!! You do have to live in the USA to enter this one.

You can also find great deals on the Art Beads website all year round. Like some of my favorites
Here , Here and Here !!!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I appreciate your support!!


**Disclosure!!** I am not being paid in anyway for this contest, and the product offered has been offered to me free of charge for this giveaway. I am doing this of my own free will, free of charge because I love Art Beads!!**

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Flurry of activity!! {and look at my much improved photography!!}

It seems that all of a sudden my Etsy shop has gotten a flurry of activity. Considering how long it took to actually get sales in there, I am impressed with three this week alone!! I know it's not much, but if a few more people can bring something home that I made, perhaps a few more will discover me through those purchases. It seems to be my bookmarks that are pulling people in.  My sales are up to 7 and 5 of them are bookmarks! Locally I have sold over 100 just the last three months. They are very popular and affordable.

I have them for all tastes. Dragons, Mermaids, Dolphins, Tea Pots, Flowers, Stars etc...
I need to order more Dolphins, they are the most popular and I have sold out as well as the Etsy shop where I get them was out of stock last time I checked. Such is life. lol

I sold this one this morning and I look forward to shipping it this afternoon. I guess I should make more!! I have a showcase spot on Etsy for tomorrow. I just pray things will go well and that I will sell a few from that showcase spot!

Have a super day and get creative!!


Thursday, December 10, 2009


I bought this clasp months ago and was waiting for just the right beads to come along to complete it. There are two lampwork glass bead artists featured in this bracelet. Both are very different but their styles compliment each other well. Blue Seraphim created the lovely thin swirled beads in neutral colours. I found her through Kelly Morgan from Silver Parrot. The funky multi coloured beads are from Art By Lisi also on Etsy. I can not remember how I found her exactly but I bought a long strand of her orphan beads and was very pleased with them. As always I just sort of throw things together and hope it works. I have no idea how my mind just seems to pull it all together, I just know that is how it works.

A non-blurry closeup {finally} of Blue Saraphim's beads. {love the new cameras :-)} You can also get a good look at the awesome copper chain that I paid way too much for.

Here is a closeup of Art By Lisi's beautiful beads. I am quite partial to this bracelet, I have worn it a few times now and I don't know if I can part with it.

Just look at those fabulous beads!! I wire wrapped Lisi's beads onto copper rings and attached it to the clasp, and I made wire wrapped charms out of the Blue Seraphim beads and attached them to the chain.

Here you can see the two strands seperately, making them more distinct.

Please let me know what you think of the new pictures and my new favorite bracelet!!


Monday, December 7, 2009

New Computer up and photos of my show!!

Looks like I really need to practice and learn how to use my new camera. I am so excited to be sitting at my new computer!! It was more than overdue having had so many problems with the other one for so long now. I have a nice large screen that I can look at everything clearly and I can type without the letters not coming up! I was starting to think that it was my typing skills. lol. It runs so quiet too compared to the other one. I also got to install my new camera, the other one only had 4.1 Mega Pixels this one has 12.1!! It was time to replace that too. Now I have to sell enough Jewelry to pay for it.

If you had seen the previous display I had you would see the evolution. I have a few more stands and busts and my earrings are grouped together. I also have matching table cloths in a nice neutral chocolate. I had two tables back to back at this show. It was nice to be able to spread myself out a little bit.

I have everything on trays or on racks pretty much. Having so much inventory I have a lot to carry and this makes it easier. I am trying to come up with an idea to carry necklaces around, I always seem to get them tangled and I really don't want to damage them so a better system is a priority at this point.

I was unsure about how much room I was going to have so I got this little shelf the night before the show. It was really nice having it and came in handy as I was able to display certain things a little better. The cool tree at the top is from Costco, I love it and got so many compliments on it I should have bought a bunch and sold them at a profit!! I should at least have gotten myself a couple more.

My lovely assistant {just kidding} Held something up just behind the tree so I could get a better picture of the things hanging on the tree without all the background interferance.

Just a closeup of one of my stands with the earring cards I made from scrapbook paper and a custom made stamp. You can also see my terrible setup for my bookmarks. That is going to be a tough one to figure out. The only way to really have the room for these is to stand them up, and with these styrofoam blocks I thought it might work. It mostly did until everyone was taking the bookmarks out of the foam to get a better look at them and then putting them back. This caused them to get loose in the foam. Back to the drawing board. lol. I did have a feeling that would happen.

Note to self: tone down flash or figure out which setting makes the pictures a little less bright.
I wish you could see the stones on some of my pieces a little better.

I also had my baskets of handmade cards there and they did really well! The flowers are actually pens.
That is about all I can show you. I forgot to take pictures at my last show, but it was pretty close to being the same. I had some stuff that was gone {thank goodness} that is the point afterall, and some new stuff.
I plan on fixing up a couple of doors that I have in the garage. They are bifold wood doors and I think they will make a really nice backdrop when not bright pink. lol.
I will also have done a distressed painted/stained finish in green on that little shelf. It was not meant to be left as is but having bought it the night before the show I did not have much choice.

Until next time...


Friday, December 4, 2009

Key Chains and Lampwork Glass

I have to say I was a little disappointed when this particular piece did not make the cut for Bead Trends, but I still really like it so I thought I would post it. I used a clasp from Tim Holtz that I found in the scrapbooking section of Michael's. They come in a pack of 12 with three finishes; gun metal grey, copper and brass. I posted the other two I made already so you can see what the clasps look like.  These lampwork beads are so fun! Art by Lisi on Etsy. Between her and Sue I think I have the best selection out there! lol.

You can't see the beads as well as I would like but you still get the idea. I wire wrapped them directly to the copper ring and I think I would like to solder the jump ring but I am not sure how to go about that or where to find the brass and copper soldering metal. I have the tool and silver metal solder but that just would not do. If anyone know where to find that stuff, let me know!!

The weather here is really nasty, I can barely see across the street right now, the snow is coming down really hard and fast and the wind is blowing hard. I hope everyone is safe out there.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Sales and free shipping in my Etsy shop!!

I have a sample here of some of the things I sold this weekend. I was thrilled with the way things turned out considering how slow it was. We were competing against the main City craft show and the weather. So all in all, not a bad day at all :)

I think I sold about two dozen bookmarks and a few watches. My Etsy shop and website are pretty sparse right now. I intend to fill them up this week, but we will see if that will be possible. I have meetings, parent teacher interviews, a hot date to see New Moon, and work. Maybe I will find time to sleep somewhere in there. lol.

All of my Picasso Jasper is gone, so I need to get on that and make more. I have one necklace in the beginning stages and I have a couple of ideas for more bracelets. I really wish I had more Vintaj stuff left, but I am on my last hook, bead and bead cap and no money left to get more.

I tried on Saturday night to post something and I could not get it to work, and yesterday I had to work and ended up coming home early because I was feeling dizzy. Maybe I over did it this month? I am not sure. I do feel better today though, good thing because back to work I go!!

I have free shipping in my Etsy shop right now as well as some new sale items that I have just lowered. I hope you guys go and check it out and maybe take a little something home with you :)

                                                     Hugs always

Thursday, November 26, 2009

M.I.A no longer!! {I hope}, and something new!!

What a crazy week. Those of you who submit to Bead Trends on a regular basis know what it's like if you leave it until the last minute. I had a few ideas I rally wanted to send in so I went a couple of days with barely any sleep at all to get those things done. That and another show on Saturday has been keeping me very busy making new pieces and replenishing the things I sold. I also have a special order with nine piece in it due for Monday, so needless to say it has been a little busy!!

I found these super fun clasps at Michael's. They were in the scrapbooking section and are from Tim Holts.
I thought they would make really nice key chains. These are two examples of what I made.

This top one is made with the antiqued brass clasp. I added a super cute lampwork glass bead from "Art by Lisi" on Etsy. I just discovered her beads and they are beautiful! I wire wrapped in onto the jumpring and wire wrapped a cone with chain dangles in it and little bells for charms.

Some more Art by Lisi beads and this time a gun metal grey clasp. I did basically the same thing as the other one. The only real difference being that I did more of a bell charm with the second lampwork bead.

I am quite pleased with the way they turned out and plan to make about a dozen more this afternoon for my Saturday show!!

Keep coming back!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Working with Sterling!!

I have mentioned a few times that I am just starting to work with sterling. I must say it feels exhilarating!! There is just something about touching something a little more valuable and knowing that I can not mess it up. Knowing I have to be more careful, less wasteful and more patient. Taking just a little more time with the detail work and finishing up the "extras" to perfection.

That is how I feel about this necklace. I very carefully wire wrapped the focal piece, not wasting even a tiny fragment of wire. I attached the chain with two jump-rings to make it more durable.

On the back I took the time to wire wrap beads directly to the clasp and chain so they would not pull apart. This is by far the most "perfect" piece I have ever made. Not that it is perfect, it it just my personal best. I love this little sterling S hook. I found a few Etsy sellers that carry these in different style. I ordered a few and find them to be inspiringly {new word ;)} simple.
The stones are Sea Sediment Jasper from Alicediy on Etsy.
The Sterling is from 3 different suppliers, can't remember which exactly for each piece.

Keep coming, I love to have you visit!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Chinook Jewelry Pendant!!

I was busy yesterday!! Here is another one of the necklaces I made with my new Chinook Jewelry pendants. I loved how this one had two very different colour tones to it.  A very distinct pink/purple in the deep creases and a lighter pink with yellow undertones on some of the raised pieces. This is what inspired me to use the three shades of pearls I chose. I chose one that had a bit more of the purple to it and another that was more pink, those are on one side of the necklace. On the other side I went with a slightly more champagne tone. I mixed all this with pewter spacers, beads and daisies.

I really love the toggle I picked for this necklace, it has so much texture and really catches the eye.

Here you get a closeup look at the texture in the pewter beads.

Here you see the champagne of the top strand versus the pink and purple/pink pearls I used in the lower strand. I threaded the beads in a completely random pattern, I wanted both sides to be distinctly different but complement each other as well.
{I can not believe that with my photography skills that I was able to capture the differences in colour!!}

I brought it with me to the Chiropractors yesterday and Sue at reception said it was her favorite!! I guess it's a hit!!  I think I have another one in that colour. Leaves me to try something else with those colours.

So there you have it!!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Eye Candy...a very successful necklace!!!

Looking for natural light in my house should not be a challenge since there are windows everywhere!!! But what can I say, I still manage to make life difficult on myself. lol
Here we have a stunning, fabulous, gorgeous pendant from none other that Mellisa at Chinook Jewelry.
I ordered a couple of pendants when she had her sale and I am not sorry  did. They are exquisite!!

Here is a closeup!! I love the green/brown colour mix. I love the pattern, I love it all!

I used Rhyolite, which has a natural green/brown to it. I used different shapes and sizes as well as making both sides different and adding green pearls on the other side. I used copper just for the findings and kept it mostly green. I imagine it will sell this weekend. I will be sorry to see it go.

The clasp is from OLAY on Etsy, they have some fun stuff.

Thanks for coming by, come again soon for some more fun stuff!!!


Shows, shows and more shows

This was my first show back in October. It is a work in progress and I find it very difficult to fit everything I have made onto even three tables!! What am I going to do when I get to a one table show!!

I am refining the displays and taking out some stuff and adding different stuff. I have a lot of busts and I find them best for displaying my necklaces properly, but they take up a lot of room. I have sold a lot of these pieces but am adding new ones all the time. Another thing I am doing is putting my earrings on cards. Some of them are already on cards but by looking at this picture I find it too messy. I am now keeping different types of earrings on their own colours of cards and keeping each colour together.

I do love my bird racks. One of those is the same as what Lorelei has, but I have a few more. I was working at Pier1 when I bought all these. I got a great deal or I would not have so many. I have now invested in some nice chocolate brown table cloths. It looked fine at the time, but pictures tell a thousand words don't they? It looks messy and unprofessional. So since I want to be taken seriously as an artist and a designer, I upgraded. I will be able to take a few new pictures of the show coming up Saturday.

I know I will have to be choosy when it comes to the show this weekend, I have one table, and somehow I will have to fit some racks, display boxes, busts and my mirror. I will be cutting out the handmade cards, even though they are a pretty hot seller, I will have to cut out my bargain basket, and the wire displays. I am hoping to be able to rig up a way to hold up this scroll wire work wall art that would be perfect for holding up almost all my necklaces.

Well wish me luck, and come back next week for the pictures of the Saturday show!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sea Sediment Jasper

If I was independently wealthy I would hire myself a full time photographer. This picture is so bad you can not even see the beauty of the stones.

Well at least you can see something in this one. This is one of my most favorite stones. It has the deep rich blue/greens of the sea. This necklace was a special order from a good friend of mine for his wife. The top picture is before I sized it for her neck. It is one of my first pieces pulling out the expensive Sterling wire and chain. The pictures don't even come close to giving it justice. Plus I had to hurry to take the pics so I could not take the time I would have liked to set up better lighting and a better background.

I hope she likes it, I am never sure of her reactions, she is different than most people I know. She is hearing impaired and has been all her life and I try to be extra attentive when she speaks so I can understand her. She is the sweetest girl you would ever meet and so if she did not like it I would never know!!

I got an order of beads today from one of my favorite lampwork glass bead artists. Susan Kennedy from Sue Beads sent me all the beads I have been buying and ordering for the last couple of months or so. It took time to get everything together but it was finally done and I got to enjoy Christmas a little early :)
I may not post anything with the beads right away, but very soon. I need to admire them and touch them and let them talk to me before I separate them. Does anyone else do that?? Or am I alone here? lol

Have a great week :)