Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working out for the Best!!

Between trying to enjoy working and trying to make enough money to help support my family I have been discovering interesting things about myself. When I am tired or stressed I am more creative! Why? Who knows! Certainly not convenient! lol
I have also discovered, that I have more strength than I thought and that I am lucky! It took me a long time to see that!
 I really just want to have fun with what I do, all the while balancing it with my family life! It's important, after all, they are the ones I do this for! {most of the time}
Having James in school for the last 3 and a half years was hard. Having him get laid off in January 2011 was even harder! It has been a tumultuous year, but I am finally seeing the sun coming over the horizon! James finished his degree in December. He was diligently looking for a job as a probation officer and applied in some pretty far off places! I was not looking forward to the prospect of moving.
 Well, prayer and support and amazing references were a big help! James officially starts his new job as a probation officer on March 1st! The best part? It's right here in Calgary!! We won't have to move anywhere! What a blessing! Exactly what we prayed for!
 In the meantime, I have reached a couple of fantastic goals! My supply shop has reached 1000 sales! Thank you all! Without you it would not have been possible! So head on over and take advantage of my coupon,{THANKYOU} it will be up a little while longer as a thank you.
 I am hoping to take pics today and list some new things, pictured here. The light is terrible right now, I think we are about to get a storm, the sky is very dark. Might not be any new pics today.
 Lots to look at a drool over though, so keep your eyes open for them to show up in my shop this week :)
Please feel free to visit my Jewelry shop too ;)
Another goal I reached was the acceptance in another publication that I have not previously been in! That has been a huge one for me, something I wanted to reach last year but did not manage. I will update you on that another time.

So have fun shopping! And see you soon!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Design team call out!

Diana Ptaszynski from Suburban Girl Studio is doing a call out for 3 design team members! I think I would be a valuable member of the team, so I put in my "application" lol. To get a second chance to get picked {she is doing random drawing} I am putting up this post. I hope I get picked! Feel free to go visit and throw your name in the hat as well, believe me, Diana's pieces are worth it!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

NEW Charms, Pendants and a SALE!!

I have been working hard to bring you some new things to look at in my shop. I have made a really great variety of pieces and I will have more soon. Bringing back some old favorites some some fantastic new pieces never seen before!!
 The NEW Angel Wings are something I worked on with Ella at Calico Collage. This is all in a previous post I believe. I have made new ones that I listed in my shop and they are there now.
I have also made a pair of what I think are some fantastic earrings!!
I really love the way these turned out! They are for sale in my Jewelry Shop. So feel free to snap them up while you still can!!
This is one of my faves! I love the old Ferris Wheel, and I enlarged it enough so you could see the details of the little houses instead of passenger cars. How cool is that!
 I have a couple of new sets, these are of course the Fleur de lis that are Exclusive to Skye Jewels! I love having my own personal pieces that no one else can make!
 I also made some of the classics you all seems to gravitate towards. I love the roses too, so expect some new ones very soon...

One of the things I am very excited about, is my little supply shop is about to hit 1000 sales! I have worked so hard to get here and I am proud of all the things I have accomplished with this little project I started almost two years ago. I really hope to have at least another two good years to be able to do this.
So for the SALE!! Please use coupon code THANKYOU and you will save 20% in my Supply Shop.

See you at the shop!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bead Soup Partner and Goods!!

So it's that time of year already our wonderful hostess Lori Anderson hosts the ever popular Bead Soup Blog Hop!!
This time because of the huge demand, Lori wisely decided to do it in a lottery. I never thought I would get picked, but I am very happy I was!
These are the pics of what I slowly unwrapped a couple weeks ago.
Pretty and fun little bundles of pretties!
My lovely Partner Lori Finney took time and love to wrap these little bundles up for me! They are so pretty and I love the fabric!
All sorts of little surprises were waiting for me inside!! Lots of glitzy pieces and fun unique beads
These are the two things I have to use. The focal and the clasp. I don't think it will be too hard! Lovely little treasures!!
Of course Lori is being very creative and has challenged me to use the fabric also! I can make anything I want with it. OMGosh!! Lori!! I don't sew!! At all! EEEEK! Panic!!

You can check out Lori's blog and say hi!

Come back March 3rd for the big reveal!!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Angel Wings with Calico Collage!

I was privileged enough to get to work with Ella Bouchard of Calico Collage last week. I had a need of some Angel Wings for a customer of mine and knew Ella could come through for me!
 We talked back and forth over the internet and worked together to come up with exactly what my customer would totally fall in love with! What an amazing job she did for me!
I needed to be able to have pairs, so she flipped the entire image sheet and made a duplicate in mirror image. Now you have have singles or pairs! Perfect!!
I am looking forward to creating something with these for my own shop, but I did not have any left to create a piece of jewelry for you to see...yet! For now the pendants in the second and third pictures will be going for the custom order, but I have listed everything in the first picture and a few more singles as well, in my Etsy shop!
 There is a nice mix of Steampunk and whimsical images. I will also make more if the demand is there. 

Ella will be listing the sheet for everyone else to have a chance to buy it, today in her Etsy shop!! So if the wings are not for you, go have a look around anyways, you never know what might inspire you :)
Looking forward to hearing what you think of these amazing images! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!!