Thursday, June 20, 2013

CLEARANCE SALE!! Both Etsy shops!!

 Just a quick note to let you all know that I am having a HUGE CLEARANCE sale right now!!! Both of my Etsy shops have items added for the sale. I have pendant bundles and jewelry on clearance and the deals are amazing!!
I have listed my older inventory that has been sitting around and I am practically giving it away! Most pieces are below cost!!
I hope you will take advantage of this and clear out my shops so I can bring you the newest and latest pieces!!

 You can find the charm, pendant and beads in my Supply Shop.
You can find all the deals on jewelry in my Jewelry Shop.

I hope you find something you like and at the same time help me make space in my studio for new creations to come out!! 

We are in a state of emergency here in Calgary and outlying areas. Flooding is extreme and a lot of places are being evacuated. This should not affect us, but if it does I will do my best to let you all know if shipping will be delayed.

Thank you so much!!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy week and a good Saturday Market!

So I have been keeping busy as always. I had a show in the beautiful town of Turner Valley on the weekend. It was sunny and wonderful and I met some amazing people! This was my booth and I got a lot of compliments on it. Very pleased with that. I wish there had been a few more people, but we worked with what we had and considering, we had decent sales!
I sold this bracelet to one of the lovely ladies that set up the Market. I wish I had more pictures of the pieces I sold, but most were so new I never had time to capture them. At least they are going to good homes with some very happy women :)
 I did sell these online before the show. I am really needing to work on my online sales, I just can't seem to get out of the stump! A couple sales a month are just not going to pay for the Mortgage! I just have to keep working at it and find a way...
 These are some of the new pieces I have made. I did sell the pretty bright summer necklace on the left, and the far right is available at "Home Sweet Home" in Inglewood. The rest I still have available.
 I also made a lot of new earrings, since I dropped so many off in Inglewood. I made lots of Gypsy style earrings and some patina ones with black brass on the following picture.
I hope you enjoyed looking at my new treasures, I am hoping to list a few of them in my Etsy shop, just need to find time! We are down to the last couple weeks of school and it's always a busy time.

Stop by again soon!