Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Luxury in Amber

I think I have it!! This is the beginning of where I want to go with this jewelry making thing. I want the bracelets to be rich and intricate and have some weight to them. Just adding bead caps to large beads and larger spacers in between them made so much difference. I just hope someday I can afford to use sterling and Swaroski crystals in some of my stuff.

I picked out some random beads from my stash that were a little more bulky than what I usually use. I also picked some bead caps and large silver beads that I had on hand and combined them more randomly than any of my other work. It was easier than I thought it would be to stray from the comfort of pattern.

I want to thank Cluny Grey for her inspiration. She is likely the most talented jewelry designer I have ever encountered and Her works of art make any of mine pale in comparison. I can only hope to one day reach her degree of talent.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Fun!

My 8 year old daughter Emma, was invited to a Birthday party. About 2 hours before I am to drop her off she says to me "Did you get Pauline a Birthday present?" Oh Dear, I guess time got away from me again. So she says to me "Maybe we could make her something!!" Perfect, now I don't have to go shopping. So we sat down and made Pauline a bracelet and earrings with her favorite colour, purple! Emma picked all the beads herself and told me kind of where she wanted them and with some fine tuning this is what we ended up with. Perhaps Emma will have to start her own creative blog someday. I thought she did really well.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crackled! {sold}

I made this one a couple of weeks ago and I just sold it so I thought I would post it. I made it with glass crackle beads, some pearled glass spacers and garnets. I just really like the lively colour combo and obviously so did my friend Karen. It really suited her style. She is elegant in a very simple way and the bracelet looked like it belonged on her wrist.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Square Fun!!

Happy Day Everyone!!

I had such fun making this bracelet. I found these square links at Michael's on clearance. I thought it could be something really interesting to try. They opened at one end and so I pried them apart and added some beads here and there and attached them all together. There was no plan, I just put them together and played around with it until I was happy with the results. I used a toggle clasp to finish it off. It hangs nicely on your wrist even with all the squares.
Thanks so much for coming by.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Silver and Sea Glass

Have you noticed a theme yet in the colours I choose yet? I just realized that I seem to have a real liking for the natural sea and ocean colours. I think I perhaps I use these colours the most because they are the colours I like to wear.

I used silver spacers and a toggle clasp. The beads were mostly selected at random but were chosen for their colour. I used crimping beads to tie off the ends and made them part of the design by putting a large seed bead in between.

Keep coming back, I have a lot more to show you.