Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh Precious time!

I never seem to have enough of it! Time! I have great plans to get things done and get things listed and posting on my blog, but with everything that life brings I am so busy it never seems like there is time to do the things that are important for my family. I have a show next Saturday so I better get things in gear for then. I have plenty of earrings and bookmarks but I need to make necklaces and bracelets
 I have some lovely new things in my shop, even sold a couple of them in March. Sales are way down right now and it's hard to catch up on the bills with all the driving back and forth to the hospital I had to do and the paid parking each day! I hope Saturday in Okotoks will be good for me, I needed to order a few supplies that was out of and it still needs to be paid. Not to whine, I am grateful to be back at it and slowly starting to work. Just need customers! lol
 One thing I am really excited about for this month is the Cover of Bead Trends! Yes, that is my bracelet on the cover. I think I am almost more excited about this one that the first one I got in Aug of 2011. I had some nice things to submit this month for one of the fall issues and I missed the deadline. Just plumb ran out of time after dealing with Easter break and sick kids before that. I need to get back on the ball and get things sent in! Bead Design Studio is another one I have some stuff for. I just want everything to be awesome and I have not created enough that I feel confident about sending in.

Hoping to get more done this week!

Thanks for always stopping by <3