Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crazy BTW

Here we are once again and I am frustrated with myself for waiting so long to post something! That is life in my world! I would love to do more and get more accomplished everyday, but God won't give me more hours!! No matter how often I ask, it just never happens! lol
So this is my "other" bead table, aka, my kitchen table! Watch out family! Mommas takin' over!! lol
I do have a room of my own, and I also have an office, but I need more room! I know there are other designers out there thinking the same thing! Well, my table is big enough to have one end for my "dirty" work and still have room for all 6 of use to eat comfortably.
SO I have been working my tail off! I have a couple of special orders ready and sitting there waiting for packaging and shipping. That is tomorrow's job. I still have two more orders to finish before I can go to the post office. I don't know how some people manage to go every day to ship, but in my world I am lucky to get there once a week! Thanks goodness for all my patient customers!!

I have a fun and eclectic mix of things going on here, I hope you are enjoying the view ;) I don't even know half the stuff on here right now. and yes I do need to clean up! Tomorrow or the tomorrow after...

Latest experiments... RINGS! I need to patina these, but they look interesting ;) I know I will get better at it as time goes on, let's hope it works out! I actually really enjoy making the rings, but it is hard! I need some dead soft wire, but this stuff was cheap and way better for practicing. Someday soon...

What's on your Bead Table??


Monday, March 14, 2011

Creations Without Boundaries!

Those of you who have gotten the newest issue of Stringing might have seen my "Spring has Sprung" necklace. The focal is by my dear friend LeAnn Weih of Summers Studio.It was the inspiration for the entire piece! I absolutely love this necklace and I am delighted to have been able to get it into the fabulous pages of Stringing Magazine!!
This is another piece featured in the magazine. My Amazonite bracelet with the Jade Scott focal. The soft colours of the Amazonite mixed with the brass make it rich and opulent. I have two more things in this issue, but I wanted to share other things instead.

When I say without boundaries,this is what I mean. Being able to create something to fit someones special interests and likes. This was a special order for a friend of mine for her daughter for Christmas. She loves to read and loves Twilight, so we came up with this OOAK bookmark! I hear she was really happy with it ;)

I handmade the tile, drilled it in a way that we would not lose the image and added a few fun things that went well with the theme. No boundaries! A truly unique and fun creation.

This particular necklace is part of my beach line. I love making them and having them all different. Some are more complex and some are just plain fun. Absolutely my top necklace seller on Etsy! The bead featured in this necklace is by a local friend of mine that I like to go lampworking with. Wendy Algers, founder of Black Bird Beads. She is an amazingly talented lampworker with way more patience that I will ever have! lol Thanks Wendy for allowing me to look through your stash and pick out a few I liked ;)

This week challenge yourself to create without boundaries!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BTW and a new charm Bracelet

Another BTW!! I can't say my bead table has changed much lately, I have been working on the floor again. I find it easier to spread out my bead bins and be able to reach them. I need a better system, but for now it works, sort of. lol
The pieces here are just extras that I have been gathering or hoarding! lol I have a few things here that are the beginnings of new pieces and some that are pieces I really want to use! Amazing what you end up hoarding isn't it? I am just glad that I am finally using some of the things I have been accumulating. Since I can not really buy anything for the next little while, I am drawn to bins of things that may have sat there even longer, but I am using them! It's a good feeling really :)
This is my newest bracelet. I made it yesterday and it has so many dangles on it it took almost two hours to make. I LOVE it! I have to list it, but I may wear it once or twice for fun. It is quite heavy but not in a bad way. It is a comfortable weight.

Look at all the luscious dangles! How rich and earthy!!
Hope you love it too!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Romance Collection!

I have been working on some new pieces for my Vintage Romance collection. Feb was a crazy month for me with all the dental work I had to get done before our insurance ran out. It is going to be expensive to get anything done now that it's gone! Layoffs are no fun for anyone, I can not even imagine being in the US where you have to pay so much to get medical help! I am so grateful to be Canadian!

The first piece is this necklace. I just wanted something feminine and romantic. I also wanted it to be simple! I have listed this on my Skye Jewels website instead of in my Etsy shop. I am trying to save a little on Etsy fees! lol I know you understand exactly what I am talking about!
These earrings might just be the perfect match to this necklace! Floral, pink, delicate and very vintage.
I have had these Lucite flowers in my stash for almost two years and I figured it was about time to use them! This year I am all about using my stash and buying less. Not a choice as much as a necessity, but things will change and get better soon.
Here is a blue pair, these will all get listed on my website very soon, today or tomorrow I am hoping.
 It is a little more labour intensive than Etsy unfortunately, but I manage ;)
I made a total of six pairs. They are almost exactly the same but different colours or with a different center. I am thinking if these sell for me I may make more like them, but we will see first. I am not ordering more until I know! lol
I think these are the richest. I love the dark red, it looks lighter than it is in the natural light I took the photos in. I just wish I had a pair of purple! Dark, and light :) That would be nice to add to the collection.

Thanks to Everyone who left a comment on the Bead Soup Post! I am overwhelmed with love for all of you. I hope that many of you will return again and again to see more of my creations. I also hope that those of you who did not have a chance to follow my blog will do so, it sure would be nice to get to 300 this month!

Thanks again!