Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Ephemera Jewelry

I finally made myself some tiles. With the thousands of tiles I have made over the last year and a bit, this is the first time I have sat down and made them just for me! I wanted to try a couple of designs with earrings and I wanted to revisit my tile charm bracelets I was making at the very beginning.  I don't know why I stopped making them, they always sold right away. So I am bringing them back!! lol
Now bringing them back does not mean they will be the same! I was feeling rich and warm, so the colours that came out in the designs are that as well. Dark reds and greens, hints of warm pinks and of course, Vintaj Brass!
These little bird cage tiles have been sitting around for a bit, staring at me, so I decided to make a few sets :) I chose the blue ones for myself and added all flower dangles to go with the images. I really like the way they turned out, cute, sweet and even whimsical! Sure to put a smile on your face :)
I am just in love with this sweet little Ferris Wheel Tile! Part of the same set as the rose in the other charm bracelet, this one had more greens and I LOVE green :) I added a mix of Czech glass, including pinks and greens, I added bead caps for a richer feel and more texture. This photo does not do this piece justice!

I wanted to save this piece for last. I thought you might have fun with this one :) I know I sure did! Many of us Love Owls! I am starting to make more pieces with them since they sell so well. This is a fun piece made with all Czech glass and lots of Vintaj Brass!
I wanted to add a little blue to my selection, I just noticed when I was redoing my displays that I was getting quite low on blue pieces! Some of you may know that blue is one of the top selling colours for jewelry and clothing. If you did not know, now you do. ;) I have always been more draw to greens myself, but I love blue. They also look wonderful together, so maybe I should make a couple designs in both! hmmmm...

I will be photographing some new tiles today and adding new listings to my shop. It has been a busy time here, loads of homework and exams for Hubby and other school things for Emma. We have been kept quite busy with everything, but now we will have a little break so I may get to even visit with some friends while I have the time! That would be nice! I think they are starting to think I have abandoned them! I hope they don't hate me too much! Life is a little crazy for each of us at different times, but I am always there, even if I don't always seem to be!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

NEW!!! Skye Jewels Exclusive! BFF anyone?

So Martha Eason and I have been working on a little project together. I was inspired by my dear Friends Amanda Austin to make BFF necklaces. This is what hit me as the "Eureka" moment. I think Amanda most likely meant make something with my tiles, and that day may still come, but the Shabby Chic pendants just felt right! {and I just knew Martha could execute the idea}
So these are the two I have come up with so far... Some of these will have half heart pieces with floral or swirl patterns. These will be a more generic version of the original idea. Love these!! I also made the necklaces mirror images of themselves.

For the second pair... 

I made them a little more complex with more beads and links. The other difference is the Pendants. These ones have the letters BFF on them. Perfect for a couple of girls that just can't be separated! lol These are in a sweet pink colour and are once again a mirror image of themselves.
I am sure you can imagine how loved these will be by the girls who share them.
I will be listing these in my Jewelry shop on Etsy!I have two more sets I can make, if they become popular I will get more made. Special orders are welcome but the wait time is substantial due to the time it takes to make the pendants, the shipping and creating the pair of necklaces.

We have not decided how long this will be an exclusive for, I will update you as to when you might be able to get your own!
Thanks Martha!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lorelei's Blog: 24 hour giveaway

Lorelei's Blog: 24 hour giveaway: "That's right, you have exactly 24 hours from now, 8:14am Wednesday, to leave a comment on this post to win these four lovely handcrafted bez..."

I would not miss this one if I were you!! ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

"Woodland Blush" Vintaj Design Challenge!!

I am really excited about this one!! I a m not exactly sure what happened with this design, but it turned out exactly how I wanted it to!! Now some of you are thinking that they most likely always turn out like that, but honestly, this is the first time that the picture in my head was exactly what came out in my hands! Some have come pretty close, but this one is my best I think :)
 I was really inspired by the theme and everything just happened! From my heart to my hands :) The wonderful variety of Vintaj findings always helps the imagination flourish! I had a couple of the newest pieces that have come out recently and I was truly Eager to include them in this piece!
The sweet little leaves that are a part of the dangles are perfect! Love the soft curved edges :) The branch really adds that woodsy feel and the pale pink flowers are the ideal blushing element to this design!
I took the sweet little flowers all the way around the necklace! I did not want to wimp out on this design, I wanted it to shine with detail and texture! I truly hope you feel that I have accomplished that!
This is the piece I pray and hope you will go vote for! It would be an honour and a privilege to be chosen as the winner! I believe the voting opens at noon eastern time, so I know that as I write this it has not started yet. I am including the link to the blog and will update to the actual post as soon as I see it is live!
Thanks for stopping in and visiting with me, I value each and every comment you leave for me, so don't hesitate to leave one now, I always read them :)

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

"The Life Tree"

I have loved Rhyolite since the beginning. One of my favorite natural green/brown stones. I thought it was a perfect match to this amazing Tree pendant from Spirited Earth. The colours seem a little off on the computer, they are truer to each other in person. Mix all this with Vintaj Brass and you have an amazingly earthy necklace with character and texture.
I used a small filigree piece to create a bail. It adds a touch of elegance and makes it different from my usual jumpring.

I hope this necklace goes to a good home and makes someone very happy :)
I also made this fun colourful piece to go with a variety of outfits. A plain white dress shirt and jeans, a nice church dress, a fun outfit for a playdate...

I used a mix of stones and glass all wrapped in brass wire.
I love the soft mix of pinks, greens and purples. The Czech glass, recycled glass and semi-precious stones are fun. I have these on my Facebook page right now, feel free to have a look, I plan on listing them on my website soon...

If you have not visited my Website of Facebook click on the links to have a look.

Have a wonderful week!