Monday, September 27, 2010


How Exciting has Sept been!! I have to say, pretty exciting and even more so BUZZY!! Or Busy if you would rather!! lol I have been doing school runs and making lunch early and organizing homework and so on and so on. I know there are many of you out there that have been going through the very same things. Kids are back at school and instead of having a little more time to do things it seems as if things are busier! That's life!!
One of the reasons I am so busy is this little man right here! 4 1/2 year old Noah Cramp!! Handsome fun loving fellow! So affectionate and full of love. He is also a very high strung boy and very active! He started pre-school this year. He is smart enough to be in Grade 1 but obviously too young and not emotionally ready. All I can say, is that I am grateful for the blessings we have been grated concerning him. It was hard to get him into the school {literally} but he is adjusting well and starting to like it! Now he even asks when he gets to go to school next!! Thank You God!! We prayed for this. After trying to get him to visit before school started and having him hang onto my leg with a death grip while screaming and crying, I thought it just was not going to happen. Well, we are on our way!! I love you Noah!

Now we move into the business part of my blog, or the beady part if you will. After all, that is the whole reason you are here right?

I am almost ready to list some new things in my shop. The photos are taken and I just need to find a few moments to start listing. I was hoping to reach 100 sales with my Huge Clearance sale, but I am still 30 away. It's not too late however ;)  I was mostly hoping that I would be able to clear out more of my shop so that I could fill it up with all new stuff! I have some new versions of my very popular charm bracelets made, including the butterfly one in the picture above. I have a blue version of this one as well as the original version that I first listed, but with the word Dance. I will also be listing some new Wire wrapped stone bracelets, I have a few versions and colours coming out that I hope you will enjoy!

This is always my favorite stone to work with. Picasso Jasper in all it's glory!! I will have a few different versions of this one as well as Mookaite and Variscite. I have bracelets and necklaces and I just realized that I should maybe include some earrings to go with I guess you can expect some new earrings too!

I will also be starting to list my "Vintage Romance" collection. I have been working hard on this and hope that it will inspire to shop in my store!! lol Or even inspire you to create something all your own.
This is a peak at one piece in the collection! This piece just shines in Vintaj Brass and purple/pink tones!! It is fun and unique and is begging to be worn! I have other pieces, mostly earrings, but we will save those for the day I start listing!! So while you wait, help me empty my Shop to make room for these new pieces!! You can also go visit my Supply Shop for some more fun stuff! Everything is on sale there too!

I hope you come again soon!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


What else is there to say really! I have spent over 3 hours changing prices for you, so you don't need to get any PayPal refunds or wait for new invoices!  Some things have been marked down by as much as 65%!!! Even new inventory has been reduced!! Take a moment to have a look, you might just find what you are looking for!
These are brand new!! Just listed!! Reduced to a fantastic price!!

You have to see what there is!

my jewelry shop is found HERE... 
and you can find my supply shop HERE!!

If you want to combine shipping between both shops, I can do that!!

This necklace has been in for a couple of months and it is reduced by almost 50%!!! Really!!

I have never reduced my prices so much!! I need to move inventory out so I can put new inventory in!! I also really want to reach 100 sales in my Jewelry shop, so this is an incentive for you to help  me get there!

This is a brand new pendant in a new shape with new images!! Reduced!! My pendants are all reduced by at least 40%!! Great prices!!

There will be lots of new stuff listed soon, just need to make room first!

These are newly listed, but with images I have been using for awhile. I am not discontinuing any images as of yet, but everything in the shop is a great deal right now!!

I have not decided when the sale will end, right now I am waiting to see what happens. Grab what you want now, I will not be having prices like this again this year! This is as low as it is going to go!!

I am sorry if I am sounding like an advertisement, I really need to move inventory out! But you are getting a really great deal!!

Hope you go shopping!!

Marie "Skye"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UPDATED!!! Getting ready for a HUGE BLOW OUT SALE!!!!!!!!! {and a DRAW}

{UPDATE!!! I never announced the winner but did contact her. Kristy Abner from Kristy's creations was the winner Thanks}
I have my shop full to bursting!!  200 items are listed in there right now, and I can not list any more until I sell some! Sooooooo that means a sale!! A HUGE SALE!! I will be reducing EVERYTHING!! in my supply shop! MoreSkyeJewels SALE NOW ON!! Check it out now!! Everything is already reduced for you!! Some things reduced up to 70%!!! No Limits!!! Stock up for Christmas!! It won't get better than this!! And I will also be reducing EVERYTHING!! in my jewelry shop as well! I need to say goodbye to the old and bring in the NEW!! This would include my new Line of "VINTAGE ROMANCE!!!!" This will be a constant line in my shop {as long as it does well} and in my supply shop, I want to list new things as well as add my LONG AWAITED KITS!!! I have about 6 earring kits ready to go, I am still trying to figure out what the final items will be in my bracelet kits, and I still want to throw together some coordinating bead kits!! I have so many plans and so little time to do it all! Hang in there with me while I finish getting everything ready.

Another wonderful thing has happened! If you look at the "Unique Visitor Counter" on the right, you will see that I am almost at 10,000!! That to me as a serious reason to celebrate!! So with this sale is a huge draw!! I have not decided on the prize yet, but depending on whether you are a designer or simply a wearer of Jewelry the prize will either be some of my charms and pendants OR a couple of pieces of jewelry!! All you have to do is leave a comment!  That will get you into the draw. If you want an extra chance to win BLOG about it!! For another chance to win FACEBOOK about it!! Want another chance? TWEET about it!! Still want another chance? Become a follower!! We're not done yet!! You can get even more chances by giving "hearts" to Skye Jewels AND More Skye Jewels!! For more chances to win "LIKE my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!! I know it's a lot, but it all depends on how badly you want to win!! Each prize will have a MINIMUM VALUE of $50 each!! SO whether you want Components or Jewelry it will be worth it!!
Please Leave A Comment For Each Thing You do so I can better keep track of how many entries I need to have.
I will do the draw on Sept 30th!!
Thanks Everyone!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Wonderful Things Abound!

Today I got to spend a wonderful day with my beautiful Birthday girl! She is now 3 and I can not believe my baby is getting to be such a big girl! Happy Birthday Eve-Angeline!! I love you more than life itself!

I am truly feeling blessed right now. My father does not come around often, but he was here tonight! It made me so happy! We have had a rough time him and I. I wish he would see us more often! It is so hard on the kids not to have him around more, they don't know him as well as they should. I hope and pray that it will change somewhat now, he is getting older and needs his family, even if he does not realize it! I think he was really touched by the little story Emma told him. Evie likes to play with this little pretend cell phone, and she always calls the same person, her Grand-Papa. I think that really moved him, knowing that his grandchildren do think of him.
On another note, I have listed quite a few new things in my Etsy shop, but the traffic seems to have slowed down a little. I really hope it picks back up soon, the Fall season is almost here and there are lots of Ladies looking for fall inspired Jewelry! Since I still need to ship it to you, you might not want to wait too long! Get that jewelry made before fall gets here!

I have a few new Butterfly Pendants that are still fall inspired with their Cocoa brown and cream. I love the butterflies mixed with the architectural details, so much fun! I need to get more filigree so I can wrap a couple of these! I think they would really be stunning!
I have so many I need to list, and I am working on some new styles and sizes. Everything takes time and money, so don't worry, it will come!

I am going to my Friend Susan's wedding tomorrow. She has been with her man for over 16 years!! All I have to say is FINALLY!! And I know for a fact that is exactly what she is thinking too! lol. I am making her jewelry, and since it was a last minute request, I have to find a way to get it to her tomorrow before the ceremony. Good Gracious! That is bound to be stressful!! The Jewelry however will look stunning on her and it will all be worth the wait!

Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy and LOVING it!!

I love being busy! I love having things I enjoy doing go well. I am really happy with the way things are going business wise right now, thanks to those of you who have been shopping with me :) I really had fun making the sets of Fall Foliage charms, so much fun in fact, that I made a second set!! So now, for those of you that still wanted some but noticed there were none left, I have started listing a few today and should finish tomorrow.
This is one of the new sets, so you know that they are exactly the same as the last ones, but in random combos. I have some that have green backs, others are brown and others are Russet. What I have made is going to be the last of it, my Husband starts school on Thursday, so I can not imagine having the time to make more with everything else I have on my plate. I do have something else you might like. Considering the amazing response on the first sets, I have now made pendants in a similar style!!
 Here are a couple of examples! Let me know what you think! I can custom drill any of these or leave them undrilled if you want to give filigree wrapping a try. Either way they will look fantastic! Picture these with some Vintaj Brass or copper, and some Czech glass... what a great combo for fall!! I will be listing these tomorrow.
I have a few other things going on, some necklaces I made not long ago got me thinking how I have always had a romantic nature and have always loved things that make me feel feminine and beautiful. I am starting my very first "line" of products! "Vintage Romantic" I will tell you more about it when I have some photos of what I have made so far. Right now I can only show you a couple of photos of the inspiration pieces!!

This is inspiration piece #1 with a set of matching earrings. Lots of romantic layers and floral.

Inspiration Piece #2 More of those same Florals and romantic layers. Different shades and combos. So think of these and my new collection is heading in this direction!! I am very excited about it! I do however need to order more filigree! I am so low! I have enough to make maybe 5 more necklaces! Eeeeek!!

Well off to bed! Had a crazy couple of weeks! I think they are finally catching up to me!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Crazy Day!! Fall Foliage Charms

I have to say I have always wanted to feel what I felt yesterday! LOL! I made some special Fall Foliage charms for a lady that was curious about possibly getting some. I made 48 of them. I put them into sets of three and listed Every Single Set yesterday. I had an errand to run and when I came back, there was one left in the shop! I felt giddy! I listed the last few sets and as I was listing, another sale came through! Later on I came back to check and there were three left in my shop! Wow!! That has never happened in my shop before! I am considering making more, but I decided last night to find some images for pendants. I found some, ordered them and I am making the pendants this weekend! I hope these are loved as much as the charms!
 So here is an idea of what I made, listed and sold! I really quite like them! All the bright fall colours and their natural, earthy "look". There are three sets left in the shop and if you really love them I can make more!  I can't promise specific images or paint colours, that would really take too long, and with all the people in this house, I am most likely to get them mixed up!

I burnt the edges for a different effect, they look pretty fantastic! To me at least!
 There is a good selection and I now have a new set of images that will go nicely with these. Keep an eye out for those soon.

As you can see here, I used three fall colours. Russet, Brown and Pine. I love the way they turned out, it's the first time I used any other colour than Drk Brown or black. I have used some pink on Breast Cancer charms, but those were a special order.
So take an eyeful and let me know if you have to have a set! :) Next week I will have the pendants done and will list them. If you become a fan on Facebook, you will be the first to know when I list them, since I always share the listings directly from Etsy!

Today I listed some double sided charms, they are quite eye catching in a totally different way. More  Vintage French. Go have a peak!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and customers! I would not be here without you!