Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lariats and Global Fest!!

I have been such a bad blogger. I need to get more into it, but time is a big issue right now and I have to pick and choose what is more important. I have had health issue lately that have made it literally painful to look at the computer screen, so now that I am starting to feel better, I am hoping to catch up on a few things :)

I have had fun trying to create new things, not much energy or stamina, but even with all that plaguing me I still managed to get a few fun things made!
I am adding to my longer necklace selection with these super easy Lariat Necklaces. I had done a survey a few months ago on my Facebook page and most of the answers were that people liked long necklaces. Then came the hard part. Without wire wrapping a bunch of long necklaces, how do I give a good selection of long pieces at a good price. Well, it turns out these are pretty darn popular!! They are almost all gone and I could swear I just started making them!!
 I am using Vintaj and Copper. I may at some point invest in more Gun Metal Gray chain, but I have to use what I have right now, my studio is overflowing with stuff and all I want to do is shop! lol
I am trying all sorts of combinations, I really love mixing the two sides with different components. Polymer, lampwork, trees and leaves... no limits to the combinations I can assemble!
 As always I am in love with green, it is hard for me to stray away from it, but I am trying :) I love how this combo came together. I will have to get more of these awesome Focals by Bubby&McGurk and Humblebeads!! Way too awesome!!

 I did try a purple combo, that worked well for me too :) I think I am feeling inspiration coming on for a pink set... Can't wait to go back in there and play!! I have some adorable beads by Lisa Anderson in this one Love Lisa's beads!!
It also has a shell like the one in my necklace on the cover of Bead Trends Magazine for the month of August, this one is purple the other is Green!

 I absolutely love how I can make them as long as I want without adding too much to the cost. The wire wrapped necklaces I make, the longer I go the more they cost because of the time involved! You need to pay yourself for your work, or what is the point of working!! These stay nice and affordable with lots of character and texture!!
 I just want to sit there all week and make more of these!! But I do have my big Huge Global Fest show to do!! So much work!! I need to reprice everything, and redo some major displays like my earring displays. I also need to package some of the new stuff so that it wears better. I have done lots of shows and have had good turn outs and good sales. I am getting good local exposure and I am starting to build a real name for myself. My shows however have seen between 10-250 people. This is totally different. Last year this show had over 90,000 people come!! Most will only be there for the fireworks competition, but some come for the market!

Even if 10% of the total people there visit {9000 people}  and if only 1% of them actually shop {90 people} I will still have more sales than I have ever had at any of my shows!! That is why I need to have the inventory base, but I am not there yet!! lol 
When I was busy producing like crazy, 20-40+ pieces a day I saw comments popping up in places about having quality over quantity. This is a valid point! I am all about quality. If I don't think something is good enough, I don't sell it. I normally don't duplicate my pieces either. However, for this show I have come up with a simple easy line of pieces geared towards tweens and teens. I am making these to have extra things to sell, but also to attract a new customer base. My art pieces are as they always have been, OOAK and excellent quality. Sometimes you have to sacrifice small things for the greater good, and my family is the greater good in this situation. With my husband almost done school, we are getting closer to the end of all this, but I work hard to keep us afloat. It is a worthwhile cause :) Just a lot of work!!

Speaking of work...

Hope to see some of you at Global Fest!! August 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th and 27th!! Sometime in the evening, need to check the times!! lol