Sunday, May 31, 2009


I made this bracelet a couple of months ago with the intention of selling it. I am gaga over this cute pear shaped toggle clasp. My sister just had her 30th birthday last week and I gave her two bracelets and this is one of the ones she just had to have. Like me, her favorite colour is green, one of the very few things we have in common. I had promised something green for her birthday and made her a Chrysocolla, African Turquoise and Emerald bracelet. She loved it but I still gave her the option of getting a different one since it was her gift and I wanted her to be really happy with it. Since she could not decide between these two I let her have them both. What are sisters for!! She said she would do my logo for me for free! I can not wait to see it. {she is a graphic designer} I asked for something a little Celtic since my business is called Skye Jewels and it is named for the Ilse of Skye in Scotland.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Shimmer" Set

I love how these shimmer in the light. I mixed lampwork glass beads with red agate, pewter spacers and silver tone bead caps. Those are attached to silver plated Sheppard's hooks. I have some matching pieces to this but my 1 1/2 year old got a hold of the necklace and broke a piece off. Goody! Since this was supposed to be a customer order!!! Too late now. You would think I am just leaving this stuff out or something, no, she is just sneaky and a little monkey. She climbs onto anything that one.
I decided at the last second to add the matching bracelet. You can glimpse a small part of the knotted rope necklace beside it. It was a complete matching set. I guess I will just have to rework that one.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Sand and Sea"

This bracelet came out exactly as I intended. I wanted a deep contrast between focal and non focal in an offset pattern. The deep blue/greens in the Chrysocolla is mesmerizing and the warm sand colours of the Unakite soften the whole bracelet. I had an idea in mind and started stringing the Unakite most of the way. I then added the focal Chrysocolla beads and spacers, and finished off with a few more Unakite chips.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Shell We Dance"

Hey, I never claimed to be good at this naming thing. lol. This is a very rich bracelet. The dark shell beads mixed with dark lampwork beads and silver spacers are an elegant yet rustic combination. I am completely self taught so I am still working on some of my techniques, but every artist learns as they go.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I had made this as a special order for someone and unfortunately I have not been able to contact her to see if she still wants it. I hope she will still take them, it is a lot of work to just go to waste if I don't sell them. Good thing I have my website, hopefully this will help me find a buyer.

I used these fun purple glass foil beads with these fun spacers. This made for a very bold set. I can imagine someone wearing these with a nice shimmery mauve/pink silk shirt. Not that it really matters, these were made to be fun to wear. Something a little bold and colourful.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Copper Dream

Recently I have fallen in love with Copper. I have made a few fun bracelets and earrings that I can't show you yet because I have submitted them to Bead Trends magazine. This one is made with Rhyolite, Copper spacers and Red Aventurine. One of my favorite beads is Rhyolite. So colourful and multi toned. I love that I get such a variety of greens and coppers in the stones. I do however find them hard to locate. I have found a few at "Beads n' more" my local bead store, a few at Michael's and some on-line. I wish there was more access.
The colours in the picture are not quite as they are in real life. They blend much better. I had fun creating this simple mixed bracelet. I even made earring that are a close match. Hopefully you will get to see those in the November issue of Bead Trends:)
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Rocks of Skye

I just thought of a way to post a picture. :) I saved a picture from my website store onto my computer and posted it that way. I can not believe I did not think of it before. lol. Well at least I have something new to show you now.

This bracelet is made with green Agate and Rhyolite. Together they make a striking sight. The dark nuggets with the speckled square and round coin beads combined are quite noticeable when worn.

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Bead Giveaway!!

Since I have no pictures of my own I thought this might be a way of showing you something new and allowing you a chance to win something lovely.

These beads are from Fab Fibers . I believe they are called Calypso. I love the vibrant colours, and their uniqueness. Good luck with the giveaway...of course I hope I win ;) , I can already imagine what I could make with these beauties...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have no pictures!!

I really wanted to add a little something new today, but my computer finally bit the dust. Of course all my pictures were on it and I have to wait until I get it back before I can transfer them. i will have to see if my husband will let me download some onto his laptop.

I the meantime, please check out Skye Jewels and have a look around. I am not sure if it is hooked up properly but at least you can have a look.

Thanks as always


Thursday, May 7, 2009

*NEWS* Website Launch

To Start off I wanted to post something new since I have been unable to do so in a while because of some work I have been doing. {to be explained shortly}

These Earrings are both made with silver plated hooks, beads and bead caps. The blue ones have these gorgeous swirled lampwork beads that I totally fell in love with. I found them at my local bead shop "Beads n' More".

The right ones have these large Amethyst nuggets that I found at the same store. I love their pale soft colour it blends so well with the soft tones of silver. I am quite fond also of the lovely ornate bead caps also from "Beads n' More". You can always click on the pictures to get a more detail view.

Now for the big news!!!

I am launching my new website this month, most likely this week. Still called Skye Jewels, it is my new on-line store, where you can purchase your favorite piece of jewelry. I am excited to be doing this and look forward to hearing all your comments. This blog is linked of course, and you will be able to find me easily from here. Skye Jewels

I hope to see you soon!!!