Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Ephemera to Feast the eye on!!

I took way too long to finish these, but finally it's all done! I have over 300 new pieces to show you and I am really excited about it!
 I am most excited about these new Live Love Laugh tiles. These are EXCLUSIVE to Skye Jewels! Images made just for me, that no one else can purchase. This makes these a little more original and harder to come by, which makes your designs more original since I never mass produce anything!
 That makes 42 images no one else will be selling! I am very proud of these and really hope you will support me in buying these originals for your jewelry designs!
I know many, many of you requested Poppies! I managed to list just a few... I have a couple left to photograph and list, but there are not many left... already. I hope you enjoy them, I will make more soon!
I restocked the butterflies and dragonflies section. They are one of the top sellers for my shop. As always, I will keep making more, but grab them while they are there! I can't promise when the next batch will be ready...
Now for my exclusive, hand tinted keys. The first batch sold pretty fast, so I made more and those sold almost as fast. These are the third batch and I can't wait to see how fast they will go! I have 13 committed to a shop in Rocky Mountain House, AB but the rest will be yours for the taking! Each one is unique, I hand tint them with alcohol inks and seal them. 
For now they come in 1X2 and 1X3. I have had a request for smaller ones, so I am considering a smaller set, we will see. Exclusive sheets are quite pricy. Since the artist is not able to sell them to anyone else, I pay full price for the design. This is good for you, my customers because you know you get a unique product, but it makes my pendants more costly to make. I hope to keep my prices on these the same as the other pendants, but may not be able to. It depends on how well they sell! So it's up to all of you to help me keep my prices low, by buying Lots of Exclusive pendants!!

Last but not least I wanted to share with you one of my favorite necklaces I have ever made, featured in the August issue of Bead Trends Magazine!! "Vintage Carni" It was a fun piece to make, filled with all sorts of wonderful elements!! It includes one of my handmade pendants, some of my handmade lampwork beads in light ivory, vintage buttons and our all time favorite brass, Vintaj!!

This awesome pendant although made by someone else was the inspiration for my request from Ella Bouchard of Calico Collage, to make this amazing sheet!! You will be seeing pendants from this sheet very soon, I just finished them today in 1.5 inch!!

Thanks so much for stopping by