Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Chance!!

The time has almost come to do the draw for the wonderful necklace you have all been hoping would be yours. There are three days left before I do the Draw. I am hoping that a few more of you will take the time to enter as well as become followers on Martha's blog! I want to thank all of you who took the time to purchase a little something, it means a lot to me that you love her pieces as much as I do. So come again soon to see who wins!! 


Monday, November 15, 2010

Skye Jewels Meets Menagerie Studio and a Friendship is Born!!

I was browsing around on Etsy one day, looking for fun things to put in a Shabby Chic Treasury. I can not remember how I found Menagerie Studio, but I was awestruck by the beauty of these amazing pieces!! I went totally crazy and spent over $100 in Martha's shop! To this day I have not regretted it for even a second!! The charms are fantastic and unique! Martha was so sweet, she sent me a message saying how discouraged she was getting until she saw my order go through! I was surprised that she was not selling more so I offered to help!

Among the first charms I purchased are this house and the flower just below. I LOVE them! All the attention to detail and all the work put into them is amazing!!  I love the way they look and feel and I am proud to wear any of these creations!
 I think that Martha is one talented lady and we have joined forces to offer you a necklace of your very own made with Martha's Newest Charm Shape!! Keep reading to get to that part...
Before I reveal too much, I wanted to show you a couple more pieces. These crosses are so pretty and can go with so many styles. You can make them very casual or quite dressy depending on how you accentuate them in a  necklace.
 I really enjoy working with these, they bring an essence of romance to my jewelry and I LOVE Romance!! The next photo is the piece you are all waiting for. The piece that you get to take home should you be the winner!!
 Who would not want to win this gorgeous necklace!! This Fleur de Lis was created just for me and I love it!! Now, I could keep it...but...I am giving it away instead!! Martha sent me this pendant and a handful of limited edition beads to co-ordinate with the paper in the pendant. I assembled it for you now all you have to do for your chance to win is leave a comment!! Just leave a comment here and I will draw a name on December 1st for the Necklace!! Now I know you want another chance to win here is another chance... Go to Martha's Menagerie Studio Blog and follow her blog. Really simple really, Martha needs a few new fans and I want to help her get them! So once you have followed her blog, come back and leave me a SECOND comment saying you are a follower. If you already follow mention that in a second message as well. This will help me keep track of the entries!! Good luck!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Already?!?!?!?!?!

Time has really flown by lately! So much to do, so little time! You all know what it's like, you work, work, work and then the month is gone and you don't remember what you did! lol! Story of my life!
 So this is one of the things I have been up to!  I would love to give you links for these beads and all that, but I am limited on time so let me know if you need one.
 Top Photo has a mix of ceramic and wood beads, with a gorgeous Owl pendant.

This next photo is a mix of lampwork and a fun Kite bead to pull the black and pink together.

I love the colours in this one, the beads are a clear teal and the cream waves seem to be silvered. I have two polymer beads and a gorgeous book bead! These are all coming with me to my shows, not sure I will have time to list any of them!

 This one I am just in love with! It is already labeled and ready to go to the show, I could however make another one similar to it if someone needs one ;)

I made a couple of sets too! This is one of them, a mix of Picasso Jasper beads and copper everything! Love these bead caps! Very thin and delicate. Just need to remember where I got these from...

OK, time to go...
Come again soon!