Thursday, December 9, 2010


 So my Christmas Open House is on this Saturday! So I am letting everyone know hoping to have a few more people turn up! I know that most of you who read this blog are far away, and that's OK, but I do know there are a few local fans that must look at it on occasion, so this is for you, the local fan!
 I have been hard at work trying to somewhat control and tone down the destruction that my children cause on a daily basis, I have been perking things up and I have certainly been on a cleaning frenzy!
 I can't seem to catch up EVER! but at least I am trying to get it to look decent! I am hoping that things will be clean enough for the Christmas decorations to go up tonight of tomorrow, and I keep asking the kids to help out so we can decorate, but no one seems to get the picture!! I guess if you want things done right you have to do them yourself!
 All the items pictured here are available! I have over 500 pieces to choose from! I have almost 100 bookmarks, over 200 pairs of earrings, necklaces galore and bracelets to make you swoon! {sorry, that just sounded good, lol} I am making more bracelets, bookmarks and purse charms etc... to give you a good selection. I am even going to do a little baking to tempt your taste buds!! {My gingerbread is to die for!!}

 I am going to have a draw, not sure of the prize yet. I am going to have sale prices to fit your budget! I have surprise specials going on all day! You will not be disappointed!!

Most pieces of jewelry have Art Beads included in the designs as well as semi-precious stones, genuine Swarovski Crystals, Vintaj Natural Brass, Sterling Silver and so much more! You do NOT want to miss this show!!

I still have a few little pieces that are in my Vintage Romance collection. I hope to find a little extra time to make the pieces in my head before the show, but we will have to see! I am planning on separating all the collections or styles into their own displays, but time is a serious problem, so I will simply try to accomplish as much as I can!
I have a few "Not Granny's Pearls" pieces left, no time to make more, but next week I do have time for special requests! I might make a couple pairs of earrings, who knows! There are only 24 hours in a day and I do need to sleep! lol
This should be the best OPEN HOUSE I have ever had! I have invited a lot of people, put up signs for people to see, advertised on the internet and I hope to do a little more! I will not post my Home address on the computer, but if you want to come, e-mail me at and I will give you the address!

Don't forget to bring Friends!!
See you on Saturday from 12-4pm!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Shows!!

Can I say first how much I dislike Florescent Lighting?? It gives off the worst glow on everything!

This was the "Tiffany Glass House" semi annual Art Show. So unlike a lot of the shows around you won't find anything that is not handmade! You can not participate in this Art show, unless you are a member of the Glass House. Needless to say there was a lot of Jewelry there! I am so glad that all our styles are very different. I did really well! The economy is terrible and so it was not overly crowded, but I was completely satisfied with the results!

I am running out of published pieces to display! I have sold almost all of them and now there are a couple I simply refuse to sell, so that I have something to show for all my hard work! People just love looking through the magazines, a lot of them think these are my catalogs and that they can order from them, I guess all the "catalog" jewelry companies out there really have taken over!! I do a lot of explaining! At least it strikes up conversations!

My displays look better in person, there is too much distraction in the background, the lighting is the worst but at least you get the idea! I am starting to have some really great stands and props, I just need to refine the way I load them up!! lol

This is one of the parts of my displays that I actually really like! Having the Picasso Jasper on the White Busts really brings out the colours! I think two of them are sold?!? I need to check. For sure the one with the round pendant sold. Sold some Mookaite too, need to add some of that to my Necklace collection! I have a couple I can make. Just need about 12 more hours in a day to do everything I want to do!!

I sold quite a few of the bracelets on the right side of the pic, and the red clay necklace in the plate. My earring trays are starting to look like I can finally combine a few, but I most likely will just fill them up again this week for my Open House on Saturday! I have soooo much to do!! Anyone want to come over and help clean up? I pay in jewelry!! lol

Now can you imagine me trying to fit all this one one table?? Yikes!! It does not work!! lol Trust me I have tried!! I am trying to keep a bit of a French theme going in this small section. I have my small Carte Postale Body Form, love that! I also have a mix of Parisienne French and Creole French. I fell in love with this Mask! I can just picture this on someone in the Phantom of the Opera!! lol I have a mix of Fleurs de Lis which are almost sold out, shabby chic pieces and french Ephemera here. Most of my decor and stands have kind of a bird theme going and you can see that in the tray that my pieces rest on. They are not as invisible as in the picture, like I mentioned, the lighting is awful!! the tags are handmade and giving Credit where credit is due, the idea came from the tags Shannon Levart's mother made for her. I only glimpsed them once but I remember the effect they had on me. These are just the first batch, I am going to make a new batch for Spring.  I can't wait to see how they turn out! I also have a couple more things in the works for next year's shows, something I will not sell online, but just as an "extra" at the actual shows.

Keep Coming back for more!!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So it took me awhile to get it all together and check to make sure everyone was on my list, I then added numbers to each name on the List. 

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-12-01 15:57:55 UTC

SO #40 was assigned to Gerry!! Gerry Please send me your snail mail and I will get that necklace out to you this week!!

My public email is on the side bar...

Have a fantastic Day!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Chance!!

The time has almost come to do the draw for the wonderful necklace you have all been hoping would be yours. There are three days left before I do the Draw. I am hoping that a few more of you will take the time to enter as well as become followers on Martha's blog! I want to thank all of you who took the time to purchase a little something, it means a lot to me that you love her pieces as much as I do. So come again soon to see who wins!! 


Monday, November 15, 2010

Skye Jewels Meets Menagerie Studio and a Friendship is Born!!

I was browsing around on Etsy one day, looking for fun things to put in a Shabby Chic Treasury. I can not remember how I found Menagerie Studio, but I was awestruck by the beauty of these amazing pieces!! I went totally crazy and spent over $100 in Martha's shop! To this day I have not regretted it for even a second!! The charms are fantastic and unique! Martha was so sweet, she sent me a message saying how discouraged she was getting until she saw my order go through! I was surprised that she was not selling more so I offered to help!

Among the first charms I purchased are this house and the flower just below. I LOVE them! All the attention to detail and all the work put into them is amazing!!  I love the way they look and feel and I am proud to wear any of these creations!
 I think that Martha is one talented lady and we have joined forces to offer you a necklace of your very own made with Martha's Newest Charm Shape!! Keep reading to get to that part...
Before I reveal too much, I wanted to show you a couple more pieces. These crosses are so pretty and can go with so many styles. You can make them very casual or quite dressy depending on how you accentuate them in a  necklace.
 I really enjoy working with these, they bring an essence of romance to my jewelry and I LOVE Romance!! The next photo is the piece you are all waiting for. The piece that you get to take home should you be the winner!!
 Who would not want to win this gorgeous necklace!! This Fleur de Lis was created just for me and I love it!! Now, I could keep it...but...I am giving it away instead!! Martha sent me this pendant and a handful of limited edition beads to co-ordinate with the paper in the pendant. I assembled it for you now all you have to do for your chance to win is leave a comment!! Just leave a comment here and I will draw a name on December 1st for the Necklace!! Now I know you want another chance to win here is another chance... Go to Martha's Menagerie Studio Blog and follow her blog. Really simple really, Martha needs a few new fans and I want to help her get them! So once you have followed her blog, come back and leave me a SECOND comment saying you are a follower. If you already follow mention that in a second message as well. This will help me keep track of the entries!! Good luck!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

November Already?!?!?!?!?!

Time has really flown by lately! So much to do, so little time! You all know what it's like, you work, work, work and then the month is gone and you don't remember what you did! lol! Story of my life!
 So this is one of the things I have been up to!  I would love to give you links for these beads and all that, but I am limited on time so let me know if you need one.
 Top Photo has a mix of ceramic and wood beads, with a gorgeous Owl pendant.

This next photo is a mix of lampwork and a fun Kite bead to pull the black and pink together.

I love the colours in this one, the beads are a clear teal and the cream waves seem to be silvered. I have two polymer beads and a gorgeous book bead! These are all coming with me to my shows, not sure I will have time to list any of them!

 This one I am just in love with! It is already labeled and ready to go to the show, I could however make another one similar to it if someone needs one ;)

I made a couple of sets too! This is one of them, a mix of Picasso Jasper beads and copper everything! Love these bead caps! Very thin and delicate. Just need to remember where I got these from...

OK, time to go...
Come again soon!


Friday, October 22, 2010

New Creations for October!!

I have been a busy bee! I am thrilled to say that yes I did win the Maple Glow Challenge from Vintaj AND I also had a fantastic show on Wednesday night! 

 Ok, so this is a bad picture, but I really wanted the sunlight to reflect on the blanks to show all the amazing colours!
So this is the latest project! I learned the technique from Jess at Vintaj, and took it from there to make it my own. I am starting to make a tutorial of the techniques I have been using and hope to be able to have it together before the end of the season!
This is one closeup example that I made. I am hoping to list some of these in my Etsy shop to sell, and the others I have already started to use in some jewelry. I was going to take pictures of some of the stuff I made in the last couple of days, but my camera died as I was taking them, so I had to recharge the batteries. So no photos today, tomorrow when the light is good again, that is my plan!!
So these are a set of earrings I made using my "faux" enamel blanks. Of course everything I used for these is Vintaj and they are very easy to assemble. I may add some of these to my kits when ever I get those done and listed! I have had most of them ready for awhile, but they are just sitting there and I never seem to have time to photograph them and add the tags! Uhg! Time, I need an extra 10 hours a day to be able to do all the things I want to do!! Hopefully, the weekend goes well!
 This is one of my favorite pieces I have made! I made another one similar to this in colour but different in shape and that is one of the photos I wanted to share with you, but we have to wait... I have had really great comments from my local customers! I am hoping to make these regularly all I need is more chain! Perhaps I will sell them as finished pendants. We will see! I have a few projects to finish before I get to that!

Please leave me your comments!! I always love to read them!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Day To Vote!!! Maple Glow Challenge!!

For those of you who have not had a chance to vote yet, please take a moment now and go to the Vintaj Blog and have a peak! I am #16 and currently as I write this I am in second place! I hope you will take a moment to help me get to 1st place!!
This is my necklace and I honestly feel that it is an excellent representation of the chosen theme, "Maple Glow" Hopefully you agree and give me your vote!
Have a happy fall day!!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintaj "Maple Glow" Challenge

One of my favorite challenges to participate in, is the monthly Vintaj Challenge! I can't always participate because of how busy our little household is, but I do try to get in there as often as I can!
This month is the "Maple Glow" challenge {UPDATE THAT IS THE LINK, PLEASE VOTE FOR #16!!!}, and I felt particularly inspired! I was born on the East Coast where you have beautiful maple trees everywhere! I moved to the Mountains when I was 6 but I will always have those incredible red trees as one of my fondest memories! So to honor that memory, I created these tiles for my piece. These are new, I have never made them before and I wanted this particular piece to be very special so I found new images that perfectly reflected the variety of colours that Maples have in the fall.

This is "Maple Sunset"
These are larger than my ordinary tiles, they are a perfect 1X1 size. I liked the larger size because I really wanted to focus on the leaves.
I also used alcohol inks on everything! The chain and jump rings as well as the handmade clasp all have three or four colours of Tim Holtz alcohol inks.

I used these same alcohol inks on the pendant! I first distressed it my hammering the edges and after I added many layers of ink, I stamped a maple leaf with Staz-on ink. I sprinkled a little glitter on it and shook most of it off, but there is still a hint of it on the edge of the maple leaf stamp.

After adding my leaf dangles on it, I decided to add the clasp on the side instead of the back, and to add a touch of texture with the ribbon.

I hope that you will go and vote for me when the post is up, as I write this it has not gone live yet, but I will try to update with a direct link and the number of my entry when I see it has been posted.

Thanks for stopping in!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Collaboration with Lorelei!

I have been wanting to do a collaboration for awhile, so I approached Lorelei Eurto to see if she would be interested. She happily said yes and so it began...

I wanted to make something special that she would want to wear because of it's uniqueness and the thought put into it. I wanted to create something special that no one else would have thought of, something that might even just stand out in a crowd!
 I chose Lori's favorite subject, Owls! I handmade the pendant using one of the nicest Owl images I had. A proud and regal animal with the patience of a saint. :)
I decided not to drill the pendant, but to wrap it in filigree. I added a handwoven nest with pearl eggs, and attached it directly to the filigree.
 I strung everything together on beading wire adding Farfalle beads {peanut} and doubling it up to make a loop, I added some Rhyolite and a ceramic bead by Macarroll and finished it off with a loop for the clasp, hoping that Lori would something really fun at the other end! 
 Now we wait to see how this will all end...
Hope you leave a note and tell us what you think so far...

This is what I got from Lorelei and I think I am just about done adding to it... maybe...


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quickie Post this Morning!!

I am going to be busy filling up my shops and website over the next few days, as well as making some very overdue special orders! I am also planning on finally listing my kits! I am only going to be listing my earring kits for now, I have been so sick lately it has been hard to get everything I want to do done! But keep an eye out, my Vintage Romance collection is starting to get listed this afternoon and I am going to do the draw to see who wins my Big Draw!!

This necklace is the first to be introduced!! "Lavender Water Lilies"
More on the technique for this finish when I have more time! lol.

visit my SkyeJewels shop and MoreSkyeJewels  shop to find these items and more...

These earrings are made with those Fantastic Fairy Glass Beads form Mermaid Glass, I will have more time to talk about that later. I plan on listing these this afternoon as well.

"Fairy Dreams"
Last but not least,

"Forest Meadows"

Also to be listed this afternoon! Keep an eye out if you are interested in any of these items, because I will not be able to reserve them! I have had two sales in the last week or so that were customers buying reserved listings that were not theirs. It is very frustrating and time consuming to have to fix that so I am hesitant to do this again. Only time will tell!

Have a fantastic day!!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Long Overdue ArtBeads Post!!

When you are unwell, it takes a lot to get certain things accomplished. I am feeling that for the first time in my life! 3 months now and I am still getting worse. Hopefully this will be a week with answers. 
I am happy to show you one of my favorite new designs, which is long overdue. I am a Blogging Partner with ArtBeads and we are lucky enough to receive a few selected items now and then to review for your knowledge and pleasure. This summer I got to choose these gorgeous beads, that I had been looking at for months! And I made this bracelet with them...
 I think it's my favorite I have ever made! The mix of purple and green is my absolute favorite!  Then you add Sterling, and it just shines!! I used some Swarovski crystals by the Sterling pillow beads and it just adds a touch more bling! You can find similar styled Sterling Silver Beads on ArtBeads in the Hill Tribe Section, they have a really nice selection!
It's amazing to me how the colours shine when in natural sunlight! I just had to add this example!

I also received some Czech glass beads that I was originally going to add to the bracelet, but changed my mind because they did not have quite the effect I wanted. They were the perfect colour to go with the lampwork glass beads, but just not the right style. They will however look amazing in my new "Vintage Romance" line!! You can expect those photos coming soon...well, as soon as I make something with them ;) Honestly though, their Czech glass section is fantastic! They have so much to choose from! You can't go wrong!!

Thanks for visiting!


I received the products free of charge from Artbeads and I am honestly reviewing the products and have not been paid for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received. 


Monday, September 27, 2010


How Exciting has Sept been!! I have to say, pretty exciting and even more so BUZZY!! Or Busy if you would rather!! lol I have been doing school runs and making lunch early and organizing homework and so on and so on. I know there are many of you out there that have been going through the very same things. Kids are back at school and instead of having a little more time to do things it seems as if things are busier! That's life!!
One of the reasons I am so busy is this little man right here! 4 1/2 year old Noah Cramp!! Handsome fun loving fellow! So affectionate and full of love. He is also a very high strung boy and very active! He started pre-school this year. He is smart enough to be in Grade 1 but obviously too young and not emotionally ready. All I can say, is that I am grateful for the blessings we have been grated concerning him. It was hard to get him into the school {literally} but he is adjusting well and starting to like it! Now he even asks when he gets to go to school next!! Thank You God!! We prayed for this. After trying to get him to visit before school started and having him hang onto my leg with a death grip while screaming and crying, I thought it just was not going to happen. Well, we are on our way!! I love you Noah!

Now we move into the business part of my blog, or the beady part if you will. After all, that is the whole reason you are here right?

I am almost ready to list some new things in my shop. The photos are taken and I just need to find a few moments to start listing. I was hoping to reach 100 sales with my Huge Clearance sale, but I am still 30 away. It's not too late however ;)  I was mostly hoping that I would be able to clear out more of my shop so that I could fill it up with all new stuff! I have some new versions of my very popular charm bracelets made, including the butterfly one in the picture above. I have a blue version of this one as well as the original version that I first listed, but with the word Dance. I will also be listing some new Wire wrapped stone bracelets, I have a few versions and colours coming out that I hope you will enjoy!

This is always my favorite stone to work with. Picasso Jasper in all it's glory!! I will have a few different versions of this one as well as Mookaite and Variscite. I have bracelets and necklaces and I just realized that I should maybe include some earrings to go with I guess you can expect some new earrings too!

I will also be starting to list my "Vintage Romance" collection. I have been working hard on this and hope that it will inspire to shop in my store!! lol Or even inspire you to create something all your own.
This is a peak at one piece in the collection! This piece just shines in Vintaj Brass and purple/pink tones!! It is fun and unique and is begging to be worn! I have other pieces, mostly earrings, but we will save those for the day I start listing!! So while you wait, help me empty my Shop to make room for these new pieces!! You can also go visit my Supply Shop for some more fun stuff! Everything is on sale there too!

I hope you come again soon!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


What else is there to say really! I have spent over 3 hours changing prices for you, so you don't need to get any PayPal refunds or wait for new invoices!  Some things have been marked down by as much as 65%!!! Even new inventory has been reduced!! Take a moment to have a look, you might just find what you are looking for!
These are brand new!! Just listed!! Reduced to a fantastic price!!

You have to see what there is!

my jewelry shop is found HERE... 
and you can find my supply shop HERE!!

If you want to combine shipping between both shops, I can do that!!

This necklace has been in for a couple of months and it is reduced by almost 50%!!! Really!!

I have never reduced my prices so much!! I need to move inventory out so I can put new inventory in!! I also really want to reach 100 sales in my Jewelry shop, so this is an incentive for you to help  me get there!

This is a brand new pendant in a new shape with new images!! Reduced!! My pendants are all reduced by at least 40%!! Great prices!!

There will be lots of new stuff listed soon, just need to make room first!

These are newly listed, but with images I have been using for awhile. I am not discontinuing any images as of yet, but everything in the shop is a great deal right now!!

I have not decided when the sale will end, right now I am waiting to see what happens. Grab what you want now, I will not be having prices like this again this year! This is as low as it is going to go!!

I am sorry if I am sounding like an advertisement, I really need to move inventory out! But you are getting a really great deal!!

Hope you go shopping!!

Marie "Skye"