Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Bunch of "Pretties"

So I tried my hand at felting!! They turned out nice, I just need to experiment a little more with size and shape. These will be going into my Etsy shop tonight.
 These are the two blue ones I tried out, they are different sizes but a nice round shape.
 I also tried some mixed greens with hints of red and yellow. I like how some of them turned out oval, It just happened naturally. The colours are a nice mix for your autumn designs, which for magazine submissions are pretty much happening right now!
 I also made a whole bunch of new pendants that are sure to catch your eye! Althought the dragonflies are for a special order the butterflies are going into my Etsy shop and so are the birds.
I am leaving the un-drilled and you can let me know how you want them drilled. That way you get it exactly the way you want it!

Busy night tonight, so I will be posting periodically :)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show done! Now I can post!! Jade Scott anyone???

I am so pleased with how this turned out! I mixed my own lampwork with BlueSeraphim's and added one of my enameled beads and some picasso Jasper.
I know quite a few of us out there are hooked on Jade Scott's gorgeous charms and pendants. I like you am simply smitten by her little creations.
I can't stop smiling! This combo just makes me so happy :) I am really starting to bring in oranges and reds into my work. I don't normally gravitate to those colours. I am normally more of a green, brown and teal person with splashes of other colours. I kind of like the new "experimental" me :)
I think when I discovered picasso jasper, is when the colour changes slowly started to come to play. The beautiful mixes in this stone just spoke to me.
What a perfect mix with this Jade Scott Pendant!!

Now available in my Etsy shop :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

SALE!!! First day of Spring SALE!!

I decided to have a sale today in honour of the first day of spring!!

***Buy 2 get 1 FREE***
{of equal or lesser value}

Take advantage today!! First Customer in each shop gets an EXTRA GIFT!!! {must take advantage of sale to qualify}

I want to entice you to visit my shops today!! I hope you will share this sale with your friends!! I am going to the post office tomorrow so your items will ship tomorrow morning!!

Happy First Day of Spring!!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning to Paint with Fire!!

So I finally got the guts to turn on the torch at home without help. What can I say, I am a little chicken when it comes to new things. I melted a few beads and had a few successes, but the point was to learn and I did.
I tried a lot of bead caps and found that these worked the best. I had quite a few that the enamel chipped off, but they were plated so I am confident that they would not have done that if they had been solid metal.
The same thing happened with the beads and I am sure it was the plating that caused it to do that. I love these two beads, they are my favorite. From the colours to the shapes, the best out of the batch.

I hope to have the energy to try it again tonight


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Bead Trends Blog Suprise Feature!

I was surprised to go onto the Bead Trends blog and find that my business card was their feature! I had seen in the past when they had posted a favorite bisiness card and thought that was really neat! I love to see interesting business cards. When I saw that I kind of wished that it could be mine, but was really surprised when it was!! The simple joys in life :)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heart of a Peacock!!

I have been working on this necklace for three days now and I think I finally made it look the way I wanted it to. I was picturing something a little different when I started, but the results are just as good as what I originally envisioned. I started off with this amazing pendant and went from there.
I wire wrapped pearls on and off for about 5 hours and now my hands hurt like the dickens!! I thought the peacock pearls were a perfect compliment to the gunmetal grey of the heart.

I thought about going all the way around with the wire wrapped pearls but decided that it might be more comfortable if the back was smooth. I tried it on and found it quite comfortable! It is also quite weighty, but in a nice way.

The sun was shining in my kitchen and I figured I better take advantage of it and take my pictures now. I have recently discovered that I like the way my pictures turn out better in the sunlight than  in the shade or under artificial light.

I will never claim to be a good photographer, but I will settle for way better than before :)

Here's to another good day!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Pendants, Bead Trends Blog and Facebook!

This picture was taken from the Bead Trends Blog. On the far left is one of my Mermaid Bookmarks. It was picked as Charlotte's Photographers favorites!! I am so pleased to say that this is the second time she has picked one of my pieces :) Thanks Charlotte.

I have been working hard on some new items that I am hoping will draw your attention. These are 1.5 inch pendants that I have painted in either brown or black and added vintage ephemera images to. I have a nice mix so far and will have more coming. If there is a type of image you want and don't see it, contact me and I should be able to find something.

French Ephemera has to be my favorite right now, my ancestry being from France it holds a particular facination for me. I have them in circles and I am working on squares right now.

The Eiffel Tower is a huge favorite, so I hope you will go visit my facebook page to see the images. There is a sale announced on my fan page that you might be interested in taking advantage of. There is a link in my sidebar...

These can be drilled any way you want. I am going to list some today and tomorrow, but feel free to reserve your choices on my facebook, then I can create a special listing for you.

I have always loved nature and trees. I thought I would make a few of these and see what you guys think. I plan on making a few pieces of jewelry with these, like I did with the tiles, so you can get inspired on how to use these.

Have a great day!!


Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday and I am Creating!!!

You know how it is when you get into a groove! I am so there :) I just hope it is not over now that my husband has to go out and work on his school project. I have been on a roll. This is a swirled Chalcedony necklace wrapped in Vintaj brass.
Next is a green Amethyst necklace in the same style as the first. Yummy!! I LOVE green Amethyst. You can find both of these in my Etsy shop. I plan on trying a few more styles of these soon.

This is not listed yet, but I am planning on doing that in the morning Hey! I have to save something for tomorrow!! :)
Hey Sue, this one is for you!! I imagine you recognize the beads :) I love how therewas a redish brown in the beads that matched so well with the coin pearls.

For tose of you who are not fans of my facebook page, head on over there and become a fan to have access to the special sale I am having from now until Sunday midnight {I am not fussy about time zones}. It will be worth your while if you are interested in my wood tiles. My facebook fans are always the first to know aboput sales, promos and special draws!! Join now, link in the sidebar!!
I will have a few new tiles going into my shop tonight and tomorrow. The more I sell the more will list. I still have almost 100 I can still list and I am always making more.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment thay always mean so much to me.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bead Trends!!

I am happy to have finally received my copy of the February Bead Trends!! To my surprise, the March issue was with it :) I actually get to look at a magazine before it comes out here! Not that you can find it out here any more!! Figures!!
You can find my charm bracelet watch in this issue on page 70.

Really busy today so I hope to post something better tomorrow :)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earrings you can really wear!!

I love to make things that are fancy and ornate. What I love even more is making things you want to wear everyday!! These two pairs of earrings are just that. Fun and fancy but for everyday!!
Vintaj Brass, my favorite findings compamy, mixed with shell hearts. I have made a few things with these hearts and can not think of a single thing that I don't love!!

Also made with Vintaj Brass, these have wonderful dark red or burgundy pearls. They are about 10mm I think. They are the same pearls that I put in this necklace.

I am sure you remember that post!

Here is a good closeup of the brass.
Here they are hanging, nice and simple but elegant for everyday!!

Both sets should be or will be available in my Etsy shop.

Thanks for coming by!