Thursday, July 4, 2013

Skye Jewels at "Dang Blessed"

My first serious wholesale order! I am so excited!! This is why I create!! I am just finishing all the packing up and I am almost ready to ship it off! This happened very fast, but I seem to be more creative under pressure.
 I am showing you images of some of the pieces that will be on their way to the sweetest little shop in Driggs Idaho!! It is called "Dang Blessed" and you can find them on Facebook! I hope you will take a moment to go give them a like!
 I am very pleased with the selection I am sending down. I think some may even be my best work yet! I adore this top necklace with one of my new Butterfly pendants, it is a really unique piece.
 I have some wonderful new lentil lampwork beads that I made that I am including in some of my new designs. Above is a mix of a few of my favourite artisan beads ;)
 Jerri, one of the owners of the shop, really liked the idea of my handmade pendants, so most of the necklaces I am sending have those as the feature. I hope the folks in Idaho love my wood pendant jewelry as much as the locals here!
 These new bracelets I have up so far all have my new lentil beads. I have a few I can list but I am thinking I will just use them. I really love the way they turned out :)
 I added some favourites to the mix too. Birds and trees and such. I think these will sell quickly! (fingers crossed)
 Jerri Loved my Sunrise bracelet, so I made a similar one for the shop. It's one of my favourites too, so you may see another one pop up in my shop or on my newly redesigned website.
I need to make inventory for my own website after this, but for now you get to enjoy seeing what will be available at "Dang Blessed" So if you live in the area, stop by and say hello, pick up a piece or two and share this new shop with your friends!
 Last one for today, there are many other pieces including a boat load of earrings making their way down, so don't miss out!! Nothing better than owning a handmade piece of art!

I hope to see it for myself some day, Idaho is not that far away...

Thanks for stopping by!



Chelle said...

The Sunrise Bracelet is GORGEOUS. But then again ALL of your pieces are. Def need to find your store on Etsy.. Have a happy 4th.

Laurel said...

All of your pieces are incredibly gorgeous. I'm sure they'll sell fast!

Michael and Cherrie Fick said...

Yeah for new business. It looks awesome. I have a wholesale account that helps pay for groceries. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Marie! All of your designs are so lovely, I am sure they will sell out very quickly.

Have a blessed week-end!


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Congrats, Marie... I think your designs are a perfect match for the shop's earthy/funky style!

Sharyl said...

Congrats! I love everything you are sending! That lime and black bracelet really jumps out at me--love that! Good luck with this new venture, Marie!

Unknown said...

Congratulations everything looks awesome!


Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Congratulations-what exciting news! The collection that you created for them is beautiful. The second to last bracelet is my favorite; I love the different shapes in that design. :)